Saturday, March 28, 2015

KFC’s Double Down Dog: Short in Breadth, Width and Taste

KFC’s Double Down Dog 
Short in Breadth, Width and Taste 

It was one of the moments that everyone was yearning
for the KFC’s Original Fried  Chicken, so off we went
to SM City Naga to satisfy our long standing cravings.

One should always bring dinner roll in hand as KFC, for
some unknown reasons, stopped serving bread in their
restaurant in Naga City  and replaced it with rice, when
in reality- their fried chicken does not go well with rice.

They are meant to be devoured zealously with the chicken
in one hand and the tasty bread roll on the other, and savor
whatever remnants left on your fingers by licking them.

That’s the reason they are called finger lickin’ good.
But you can’t do that in Naga as you would look like an
idiot when someone sees you licking you spoon clean.

But this blog is not about their iconic Chicken Dinner,

…this is also not about the numerous
yummy fixins that are served with  with it ,

…nor about their delicious fresh salads,

…but about the new Double Down Dog.

I was craving for the Double Down Dog the very first    
time I saw the commercial on TV. I was expecting a
jumbo hotdog sandwiched between two massive pieces
of boneless original  KFC Fried Chicken- but I was wrong.

It was rather a short and stout hotdog, bathed in a tangy tartar sauce,
served in between two regular sized original KFC Fried Chicken. 

How does it tastes? I stand to my point that 
KFC is best eaten with rolls, or maybe with
mashed potatoes, but definitely not with hotdogs,
not even with rice or not with anything else.

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