Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wings Café at Flamingo Hostel: Extremely Delicious and Surprisingly Affordable

Wings Café  at Flamingo Hostel 
Extremely Delicious and Surprisingly Affordable 

Finding a place to dine in Naga City on second week of March
was doubly difficult as it was the time when most schools are
having their graduation ceremonies, so we just decided to go
home after unsuccessfully finding a place to park last weekend.

But on our way back home- lo and behold, the radiant
pink glow of Flamingo Hostel caught our attention,

…as it reminded us as the minuscule version of the more
flamboyant and massive Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas,

...whose signage and the pink glow  were eerily similar.

 We have never tried dining in this restaurant in
the past as I had an impression that it was a seedy
place, being a small hostel, but I was totally wrong.

When we  got inside, the hostel's Wings Café was a pretty decent 
and  comfortable place to dine after all, despite the tempestuous 
 pinkish glow that radiates a sleazy night club like ambiance.

On a closer look, the kids loved the
delightful Flamingo themed café,

…that make you feel like dining in a zoo based
restaurant much more like the in Amsterdam’s
Artis  Zoo Café located near a Flamingo pond.

I also got to chance to see the Flamingo Hostel lobby,

…and their rooms that looked comfortable, though nothing really 
fancy. This is a  pretty decent, affordable and homey  hotel 
after all, not  a sleazy hostel that I initially thought it was.

We were also amused when they set our table 
like we are in a fine  dining restaurant, and best 
of all the waiters were courteous and attentive.

The best revelation for the night was when they started
serving our food. It turned out to be some of the most
delicious dishes that we have ever tasted in Naga City.

We began our dinner with what may be the most perfectly cooked Pork Sinigang 
that we ever tasted.  The pork was soft and had a melt in the mouth tenderness, 
there was an abundance of vegetables, and topped with spring onion. Unlike 
most  of Pinoy’s sinigang versions that are too sour for comfort, this one had just
 the right degree sourness, not enough  to wrinkle your face is acerbic revulsion.

The crispy Fried Chicken tasted very naturally.
The breading was devoid of any trace of artificial
flavoring. I wasn’t salty at all, and yet very tasty.

We ordered Pinakbet, and the veggies are fresh, though some-
like the squash were a little overcooked but still very delicious. 

It was served with Bagoong as a side dish but
one would not really need it anymore as the
Pinakbet tasted very good even without it.

We are not a fan of Bicol Express, as we find it too salty and too spicy. 
I ordered it since it was available-  just  to try how it is and if it was okay.
Still, just like any other local versions- it is something that I would not rave or
 crave for, as it is unhealthy and has never been my favorite Bicolano dish.

Their best dish that we ordered so far was the Sweet and Sour Meatballs
It had  tasty and chewy meatballs and fresh crispy vegetables, bathed in
 a perfectly blended sweet and sour sauce with just the right degree of spice.

It was so delicious that we had to
order  another one to take home.

The Wings Café at Flamingo Hostel is one
restaurant that I could return again and again
as they serve extremely delicious food, the
service is first rate despite being a small hostel.

Most of all, it was surprisingly very affordable 
and they have an excellent free WiFi signal.


  1. great sharing again , Mon . Thanks .. I almost wish I lived nearby so we can try all these great eating places you share :-)

    1. Hi Sylvia. You're Baguio based and I have always wished to be based in that Colorado like city. Nice and cool weather all year round and better variety of restaurants compared to Naga City.

      Again, thank you for visiting and reading my blog.