Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tsokolate Eh: Rich Breakfast Hot Chocolate to the Fourth Power

Tsokolate Eh4 
Rich Breakfast Hot Chocolate 

I found out that there were chocolates in
our pantry that were expiring this month.

Nobody wanted to eat them so I decided
to cook Hot Chocolate drink for breakfast,

…something that would make Padre Salvi
die in envy, as it would make his Tsokolate Eh,
appear like a miserable Tskolate Ah, with this
 Tsokolate Eh4  (yes, raised to the fourth power).

Padre Salvi is a character in Dr. Jose Rizal’s
‘Noli Me Tangre’ novel notoriously famous
for instructing his servants to prepare either
Tsokolate Eh (for Especial) for his rich VIP
guests, or Tsokolate Ah (for Aguado) a watered
down version for his, well- non VIP guests.

Four delightful chocolate variants are
needed to cook the Tsokolate Eh4  .

First, the Ferrero Rocher that was expiring
this month and nobody wanted to eat anymore,

…Native Cacao Medallions that we received
as a gift from Dr. Vic Pardalis last Christmas,

…a Peotraco Premium Cocoa Powder,

…and Hershey’s  Chocolate Syrup.

In a boiling water, melt the
Native Cacao Medallions.

Liquify the Ferrero Rocher
chocolates in a food processor,

…and add to the boiling hot
Native Cacao Medallions.

Cook for a while until the mixture thickens.

Pour in a cup,

…sprinkle with Peotraco Premium Cocoa Powder,

… thicken with Hershey’s  Chocolate Syrup,

…mix and serve hot. 

Enjoy the rich chocolatey taste to the 4th power.
Eat your heart out Father Salvi. Cheer up Indios-
this rich, thick and yummy Tsokolate Eh4 is for us.

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