Tuesday, January 1, 2019

CDO Chinese Ham: A New Year Staple

CDO Chinese Ham 
A New Year Staple 

While the whole world is partying to meet the New Year,


...for the past twenty years, my family started a quiet way
of spending the year end sleeping in heavenly peace-


…and celebrating the first day of the year with
a breakfast of pre cooked CDO Chinese Ham.

We used to feast on the iconic Excelente Ham as it is the traditional
holiday ham among Filipinos, but hordes of people lining up in their
store Quiapo  could be discouraging and its unavailability in Naga City
made us shift to a less popular CDO Chinese Ham for the past few years.

CDO Chinese Ham is more on the briny- savory over sweet side,

…with just a very thin layer of fat,

…yet the ham’s lean meat is tender and very succulent.


Each slice holds that rich salty and smoky flavor,
and is the kind of ham you’ll eat on its own   
or sandwiched between whole wheat bread.


But since it is best for breakfast, Pinoys may ask:   
“Where’s the garlic rice?” That’s perfectly okay 
CDO Chinese Ham also goes well with rice.

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