Saturday, January 5, 2019

Pho Bac: Authentic Vietnamese Dishes

Pho Bac 
Authentic Vietnamese Dishes 

It was love at first bite for Vietnamese cuisine when
my family visited Ho Chi Minh City few years ago.

How could you not love Vietnamese food?
It is hale and hearty, herb infused, not greasy,
not salty and yet one of the most delicious
and most popular dishes in global culinaria.

Fortunately Pho Bac was located right  at  the
 threshold of  the hotel's Robinsons' Mall  access 
when we checked  in at the  Holiday Inn Galerria, we were able to feast on our much 
missed Vietnamese food once more. 


We ordered Goi Cuon as appetizer and these fresh spring rolls
lived up to it’s name.It was a refreshing appetizer made up of
everything fresh. Crunchy assortment of vegetables, vermicelli,
and sweetish plump shrimps rolled in translucent rice paper.


It was served with a peanut sauce but one would not really need it to
savor the fresh ingredients otherwise masked by the flavorful sauce.


The Vegetarian Soup was a perfect starter. The broth had
sweetish taste of seafood and the assorted vegtables
were fresh and not overcooked. It was very delicious.


 Banh Xeo is a popular street snack in Vietnam and also
known as or Vietnamese Crepe. The name refers to the
sound the crepe batter makes when it hits the hot skillet.


The delicious crepe was studded with shrimps and tender pork nuggets
in a bed of fresh bean sprouts and served with assorted vegetables
rolled up in lettuce leaves with nuoc cham dipping sauce on the side.


The Pho Hai San or the Mixed Seafood Noodle was divinely delicious.
It had a naturally sweet tasting broth and with a fragrant- minty aroma.
With shrimp, clams and squid along with assorted fresh veggies and
the traditional Pho, this dish alone make dining in Pho Bac worthwhile.


My young son who’s appetite depends on fish (and cookies)
as his main forms of sustenance and he tremendously enjoyed
the Ca Phile Chein. A pan fried fish fillet, it was infused with
aromatic herbs and spices making the otherwise bland huge
slab of Dory very delicious that made little Tim crave for more.


We also enjoyed  the Bun Xao or the Imperial Noodles
which was similar to “Pinoy Bihon” but devoid of the
briny soy sauce and topped with fresh veggies and prawns.


We also ordered Grilled Spareribs to balance
our all veggies and seafood dishes but were just
too full, so we decided to take it to our hotel room
but totally forgotten to eat it until we checked out.

Pho Bac is the place to go for someone
craving for authentic Vietnamese dishes.

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