Saturday, January 19, 2019

22 Prime: Affordable Premier Steakhouse

22 Prime
Affordable Premier Steakhouse 

One thing that I commonly share with my daughter
is the love for American food of burgers and steaks.
So when I visited her in Manila where she was having
her internship, we agreed to dine at 22 Prime Steakhouse.


It was located at the 22nd Floor of Discovery Suites,
the hotel where we stayed which I reviewed in this link.


It was a beautiful, dimly lighted serene restaurant
with a formal yet no frills business- like ambiance
and staff was attentive, courteous and respectful.


They initially served us a complimentary bread basket,



I had a delicious Seafood Soup in a rich fennel tomato broth,
delightfully tangy lemon kick, and an aromatic basil aftertaste.
It was made more flavorful with herb infused toasted croutons.


The Lobster Bisque that my daughter ordered was just as delicious.
With abundant of bits and pieces of poached lobster in a rich, thick
soup, flavored with shellfish oil and tomato, toasted herb croutons.
It was served with freshly baked, light and slightly puffy herb brioche.


My daughter had a 200 gms SRF Wagyu Hanger Steak.
She had it cooked well done and still the classic butcher's
steak was still very tender and juicy. It was served with a
herb roasted mushroom sauce, fresh veggies and fat fries.

While I had a USDA New York Striploin, made of 200 gms of grilled 
angus striploin steak. I had it done rare. The strip steak was perfectly 
cooked and beautifully sliced into tender bite size pieces. It was 
so delicious that you would not need  the mushroom steak sauce.
It was also served  a bowl of fresh assorted veggies and fat fries.

I concluded my dinner with a gloriously sweet dessert of
Salted Caramel Cheesecake with cashew Graham crust.


While my had a divine Chocolate Goddess, made of sinfully
mouthwatering double chocolate mousse and rich chocolate
layered almond cake and believe it or not bathed with thick
melted dark chocolate with bits and pieces of pistachios.


Served with some of the finest red wine,


... it was an awesome culinary date with my eldest child.

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  1. This premier steakhouse looks that it serves yummy and delicious food. Big thanks.