Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Yamcon Kusina’s Home Made Donuts The Most Delicious Donuts in Naga City

Yamcon Kusina’s Home Made Donuts
The Most Delicious Donut in Naga City  

The most delicious donut in Naga City is back!

I featured this donut in this blog in 2014, back
called it as  Naga City’sREAL best kept secret,.

As it was made by a restaurant without a name yet,
and the only signage in the door says “We’re Open”.  
They also seem to cook it secretly as they have no
fixed schedule on when they will bake the donuts
and only call us whenever they are available.  

Baked by a bakery with a secret name, being
prepared on secret schedules, with yummy secret
ingredients, these home made sugar raised donuts
qualifies to the real best kept secret category.

For some unknown reasons, they  stopped baking the donuts for years, 
and we tremendously missed them. But miracles do happen. After four
 years, we got a call that they  wanted to order our much missed donuts.


We ordered two dozens- with no guar toppings.
Who could say no to a donuts this delicious?


The donut’s texture is doughy
yet firm and not sugary sweet.



….bursting with the delightfully creamy
flavor of milk and egg in every bite.


They also finally found a name for their bakery. 


Yamcon Kusina is located in Montana Arcade
and we’re as it is right in front of Plaza Medica-


…and we could just walk across whenever we crave
for the most delicious homemade donuts in Naga City.  

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