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Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom: Awesome Zoo, Exciting Theme Park (Walt Disney World Orlando Series 6)

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom 
Awesome Zoo, Exciting Theme Park 
(Walt Disney World Orlando Series 6) 

It was our 5th day in Orlando and we were
excited as it was our Animal Kingdom day.

We always make it a point to visit a zoo
when we travel, and Animal Kingdom
made it possible to visit an awesome zoo
and an exciting theme park at the same time.

The Animal Kingdom begins at the Oasis
where one can roam garden pathways and
watch a variety of exotic animals exhibits.


A short bridge connects the oasis to Discovery Island,


...where the park’s centerpiece Tree of Life is located.

The Tree of Life is a sculpted 145-foot tall, 50-foot wide tree with about
 325 various images of animals carved at the surface of the tree and its trunk.

Discovery Island Trails are paths that weave around
this homage to nature that allow guests to explore the
numerous animal exhibits scattered around the roots


It’s Tough To Be a Bug  is located  here but we always
 bypass this attraction as we found it gross and scary after 
watching this creepy 4D show  in California Adventure Park  .

Cropped from source: HERE  by Michael Gray

We directly went to Africa zone of the theme park,


…and patiently queued at the Kilimajnaro Safaris.

The line was kilometric and took us more than
90 minutes to finally reach the end of the line.




Kilimanjaro Safaris is an exciting open-sided
safari ride through the vast savanna of the  imaginary
Harambe Wildlife Reserve in Harambe, East Africa.

It is an outdoor adventure on natural terrain,
that includes including Ituri forest, 


…wetlands of the Safi River valley 



…and the open bush country of the Serengeti Savanna.

Guests will be treated to some of the most extensive
collection wild African animals during the ride,

…and some of the exotic sights and
landmarks like the upside- down tree,

…and the towering termite hills.

We were supposed to visit Rafiki’s Planet Watch
accessible by a  train ride but it started to rain that
became a thunderstorm and we were advised to stay
in an indoor shelter as there was lightning precaution.


It was almost 3 PM when the thunderstorm
stopped  and the park was closing at 5 PM.

We panicked as we didn’t have enough
time to explore to theme park anymore.

We decided to eat a very late
lunch at the Harambe Market,

…and walked to the Asia zone,



 ...where my young son had a close encounter  with Baloo
the jolly bear and King Louie the ape  from the Jungle Book, 

...and later  enjoyed, the Kali River Rapids an exciting 
white water rafting ride on the Chakranadi River.


We decided to forgo with the other attractions
as we went directly to Expedition Everest,
a high speen roller coaster ride at the top of
Mt. Everest and an encounter with the Yeti.


It was less than an hour prior to theme park closing and we still have
 two zones to visit: Camp Minnie Mickey and Dinoland USA, We 
chose the latter as the  attraction is unique only at the Animal Kingdom
 while we could see Mickey and Minnie in almost all the WDW parks.


There were a lot of attractions at Dinoland USA,but we 
only have to choose one, as the park was closing very soon.


Dinosaur was a perfect choice as it was a rough and
thrilling dark ride that take the guests back 65 million
years ago for a close encounter with the dinosaurs.


The park closed at 5 PM, though we tremendously enjoyed
our visit, we felt shortchanged as they should have extended
the closing time to compensate when they stopped operations
for more that two hours during the very strong thunderstorm.


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