Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Boathouse: The Landing’s Waterfront Dining (Walt Disney World Orlando Series 3)

The Boathouse 
The Landing’s Waterfront Dining 
(Walt Disney World Orlando  Series 3) 
We were all worn out after the exhausting long haul trip 
from Naga City to Florida, so we woke up late on our 
second day in  Orlando and missed the breakfast buffet.

Off we went to the nearby Disney Springs   
and immediately proceeded to the popular 
Boathouse Restaurant for a late brunch.

The Boathouse is a beautiful marine themed upscale
seafood and steakhouse located right on the waterfront, 

That also features Amphicars,

…and Italian water taxis,

…both of which are worth checking
before or after dining in the restaurant.

The restaurant has several dining areas,

...including a speedboat dining set- up. 

…as well as three bars.

It also has a marine themed souvenir shop. 

The interior of light woods and clear lighting 
with aquamarine accents, gives the restaurant 
an outdoor airy feel wherever you are seated.

They have a Fresh Bar at the entrance where diners
could order raw, chilled seafood cocktails and appetizers.

They initially served us freshly baked dinner rolls.

We started our dinner with the Boathouse Lobster Cocktail 
from the fresh bar. This is a 1¼ pound half chilled, raw and
fresh lobster, served with brandied creamy/tangy cocktail sauce.
It was a perfect and delicious appetizer that all of us enjoyed.

My daughter ordered Maine Lobster Mac and Cheese.
According to the menu, it was baked with five cheese sauce,
roasted mushrooms, and flavored with aromatic herbs of
fennel gremolata. There was also a generous amount of
Maine lobster nuggets giving it a delicious seafood flavor.

My son ordered a Cedar Plank Salmon that had a delightful
woody flavor as it was perfectly baked in a cedar wood base.
It was very delicious and was served with fresh frisee leaves,
green beans, roasted wild mushrooms and grape tomatoes.

While my wife and I shared the Original Lobster Bake. 
This dish was meant for two persons and served in a huge
metal panner, topped with freshly baked herbed slice bread.

In it was a wide assortment of delicious fresh seafood with
a 1¼  pounds whole Maine lobster, clams, mussels, yummy
Andouille sausage, sweet red potatoes, corn on the cob,
all swimming in a rich and tasty Boathouse lobster broth.

All the dishes were served in huge portions leaving us so
full that we had to cancel the dessert we ordered earlier. 

The Boathouse is an expensive restaurant but serves some of 
the best tasting seafood dishes in the world making it a must try 
and must eat restaurant to those visiting Disney and Orlando.

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