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Disney Springs: WDW’s Imagined ‘Historic’ City Center

Disney Springs 
WDW’s Imagined ‘Historic’ City Center
(Walt Disney World Orlando Series 2) 

The reason why we chose Holiday Inn Lake Buenavista at
Hotel Boulevard because if its proximity to Disney Springs.


We woke up at almost noontime on our second day
in Orlando, nursing a jet lag from the long haul trip,
and a terrible 12 hours time lag on Philippine time,
and we leisurely walked our way to Disney Springs.

What used to be Downtown Disney has been
and re- imagined to become Disney Springs. 

Disney Springs was conceptualized with its own 
story that reflects the history of Florida based on the 
numerous waterfront towns that grew up around a spring,

…and developed on what is supposed to be the
well ‘preserved historic town’ that it is now.

Disney Springs is made of four neighborhoods; 
the Marketplace, the Landing, the West Side, 
and the recently opened bucolic Town Center.

The elevated walkway from the Hotel Boulevard leads
 the Disney Springs guests to The Marketplace, in front 
of Once Upon a Toy,   an huge Disney owned toy store,

…across a popular restaurant,
called the Earl of Sandwich.

It is traversed by the Village Causeway, that begins
at one end of the Marketplace near the Rainforest Café, 

…and ends at the other side near the LEGO Store,

Along the causeway, is a shopper’s paradise
where guests can find stalls selling various items,

…ranging from toys to trinkets,

…to souvenir items and other fun finds.

This is also where the huge  World of Disney store is found.
This is where guests could buy all kinds of Disney products,
ranging from souvenir items, toys, travel essentials, clothes,
and accessories.You name it this humongous store has it

Guests can also relax by the waterfront,
watching free concerts and shows,

…eating pretzels, drinking sodas,

…or even craft beers and juices
at the Dockside Margaritas. 

The causeway leads to the Landing, the
second themed zone of Disney Springs.

What used to be the Pleasure Island was converted  to
the Landing, which is also accessible at the other end of 
the Marketplace by a bridge near the Rainforest Café. 

This is where The Boathouse, a beautiful
upscale waterfront restaurant is located.


This is probably the landing’s showcase restaurant that
offers excellent steaks, chops, seafood and a raw bar.

It also offers  live music entertainment, 
guided tours aboard an Italian Water Taxi,

…and guided Amphicar rides on what looks like an
 old restored classic car that becomes amphibious   
for a 20-minute lake tour of Disney Springs.

Other notable restaurants at the Landing are 
Morimoto Asia by the very popular chef-
Masaharu Morimoto  of "Iron Chef America",


…ant the Fulton’s Crabhouse, 

Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar an aviation-themed lounge that
bears the namesake of Indiana Jones’ pilot,  is also in this zone.

Also worth visiting is the 1940s warehouse themed 
Tea Traders Café that offers delectable tea-based
cookies and treats with various tea drinks from plain
to blended and even spirit laced tea concoctions.

Among the four neighborhood zones, the Landing has the 
most expansive dining destination in Disney Springs,

…that offers varied bars and restaurants, for
 the ultimate dining and nightlife experience.

While the Landing was designed as an upscale dining destination, 
and the Market Place as a quaint shopping center, the West Side,
the third of Disney Springs neighborhood is the township’s
 entertainment center that begins at the Club Paradiso,


...and is home to various popular
restaurants like Wolfgang Puck, 

…the House of Blues,

…and Bongos, to name a few.

There are also moviehouses,


…bowling lanes,

…the new Disney Quest-
Disney’s virtual theme park, 

…and the Cirque de Soleil. 

It is also home to some famous fashion brands,


…making it a popular shopping destination.

The newly opened Town Center is supposed
to be the heart and soul of Disney Springs.

This imagined historic center is where the supposed
sprawling neighborhood apparently started at the
banks of the abundant springwater ponds in the area.

Although most of the tenants are not open yet,

…the buildings have an old town feel,

…bordering on the old world charm
of European- Mediterranean touch.

This is also where the iconic Planet Hollywood is located, but
 it was close as it was undergoing refurbishment during our visit.


Once fully operational, this section of Disney Springs would 
give us a reason to return to Orlando once more in the future.

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