Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Flavours Gastronomica:Glorious Salmon Festival

Flavours Gastronomica 
Glorious Salmon Festival 

No, there is no bona fide salmon festival
happening in one of our favorite restaurants-


…it just so happen that my family loves salmon,
and there is no other place in Naga City where
one could find a horde of delicious salmon dishes
to choose from but in Flavours Gastronomica.

My wife’s Buttered Herbs Salmon was so delicious.
The salmon was perfectly cooked, it was served fresh
and hot, overflowing with tasty juices oozing with rich
heady herbs and with a delightfully buttery aftertaste.

The Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs
that my daughter ordered was also perfectly grilled,
overflowing with tasty juices, richly flavored with
aromatic herbs and pungently spiked with garlic.

I had a Baked Salmon Crusted Pesto, and this is
one of my favorite salmon dishes in this restaurant.
Just like the first two salmon dishes, this one was also
very juicy and the pesto that crusted at the top of the fish
was made more flavorful by a layer of parmesan cheese.

Rosemary and Thyme Porkchop is my son’s
all time favorite meat dish in this restaurant so
he ordered it again. The  mouth-watering two
huge slabs of pork chop was very tender and had
the sharp and minty hint and of herbs and spices.


The Beef and Mushroom Lasagna that we ordered
to be shared as a side dish was very tasty and filling.
One would never go wrong ordering any of the various
pasta dishes in this restaurant as in my own experience,
they probably serve some of the best tasting pasta in town.

For juicy, flavorful and varied salmon dishes, no
one does it better than Flavors Gastronomica.


There’s a virtual daily salmon festival out there,

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