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Pepperland Hotel Legazpi: Beautiful Hotel Bad Housekeeping

Pepperland Hotel Legazpi 
Beautiful Hotel, Bad Housekeeping

We needed a place to stay in Legazpi since my wife
and my young son would be renewing their passports
as we were scheduled to leave for Florida on May.

We booked at the Oriental Hotel Legazpi but
their bigger suite rooms were all occupied and all
they could offer were the smaller standard rooms.
For a family of four, it would be very uncomfortable
staying in a tiny room meant only for two persons.


We decided to book for a hotel with available family rooms and 
finally picked Pepperland Hotel as it was located close to the 
Department of Foreign Affairs office at the Pacific Mall. When 
I googled the hotel, I learned that they had just renovated so  we
had a bigger chance of getting a newer and more updated room.

We arrived late in the evening after a two hour drive from
Naga City. Pepperland Hotel was easy to find as it is located
close to the airport and its charming Mediterranean inspired
facade was well lighted and could be spotted from a distance.

The hotel lobby had a pleasing old-world charm,

…which also had a minimalist Mediterranean motif,

…that had a lovely wrought iron grill
veranda overlooking the lobby. 


Check- in was easy, and the lady at
the front desk was very courteous,


…and since we were hungry, we decided to dine 
at Alfonso’s Café before heading to our room.


We were awed by the grandness of the restaurant 
as it appeared like a gallery and a repository of the
owner’s impressive heirloom  antique collection.


We were also overwhelmed by the ‘feeling familiar
and  feel at home’ emotions as the restaurant had
a striking resemblance with our library at home.


After dinner, we walked to our room and my wife drooled 
at the lovely Victorian splendour of the event office,

…and our feeling at home sentiment got stronger
because of its resemblance with our living room 

…and my daughter’s bedroom.


We passed by The Patio which an indoor courtyard
that resembled a quaint European rustic piazza,



…that had a superbly restored vintage car on display.


The Patio is a actually a function area that
 was  made to look like an outdoor theater 
as it had a huge movie screen on one end,


…and a rustic fountain on the other end.


The display of opulence on our way to our room served as a
prelude that got us all excited to see how it would look like.


It was located at the rear end of the patio right, at
back of the fountain at the first floor of the hotel.


We booked on a Family Room and was located at the
first floor, and apparently the hotel’s largest room.

It was a spacious room with contemporary interior
devoid of the Mediterranean opulence at the lobby,
which was quite frustrating as we were expecting
a similar exquisitely European themed room.


It had three beds; one double bed on the middle,
...and two single beds on each side.


All beds were firm and snug an assurance
of a good, peaceful and comfortable sleep.

It also had a living room area and the huge 
comfy sofa could be used as an extra bed.

It had one of the biggest flat screen TV that I’ve
seen in any suite rooms that we stayed in the past,

…and had spacious empty closet save
to the electronic safe in one corner.


It had an electric kettle for a
coffee maker at the minibar,

…and a small refrigerator.

It had a beautiful and spacious toilet,
with a nice shower room,

…provided with basic amenities, 


….and sufficient toiletries.

Thankfully, this is also one of the few hotels
in the country that had a bidet in the toilet.

The room had huge windows but with no view
except for the wall of the city’s fire department.

A room had only one landline phone at the bedside,

…and there was no in room Wi Fi connection, so we had 
to go to the nearby muggy  patio to surf the internet.


The Pepperland Hotel is located at the Albay District, a walking
distance from Legazpi Airport and Aquinas University Hospital,

It was a blessing is disguise that the Oriental Hotel’s
bigger rooms were fully booked that we get to stay in
this hotel as it is a short drive away to the city center,
as we were headed to the DFA for passport renewal.

There are also several bars and restaurants in the area.


There is really nothing much to do is Pepperland Hotel
as it lacks amenities like swimming pool, spa or a gym,


…but it served the purpose of giving us a comfortable
overnight accommodation and a safe place for the kids
to stay while we were having our passport renewal.


Alfonso’s Cafe

The Alfonso’s Cafe is a breathtakingly grand and a very
beautiful restaurant that serves as a grandiose repository
of the owners’  vast and impressive antique collection. 


It is where the complimentary breakfast is served,

…and also a good place to dine anytime of the day,


…as they serve affordable contemporary dishes all day.



Wasabisan is Pepperland’s in- house Japanese restaurant
and we didn’t get to try it as we only stayed overnight.


Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper is Pepperland’s in- house Restobar
which we also didn’t get to try  during our stay.


Coffee and Cupcakes

There is also  a quaint coffee shop by the lobby
callled Coffee and Cupcakes, my son wanted to
have a milk cooking dunnking snacks on our last
day at the hotel but they run out of cookies.



Pepperland Hotel
The Downside

The jaw dropping display of opulence at the lobby
primed us to expect something similar in our room.


So it was disappointing to see a that it was
a contemporary designed family suite room,
and we shrugged  off the frustration as it was 
large spacious and looked comfortable.


As soon as we settled, we discovered cringe
worthy housekeeping fails in the hotel room. 
First: We found the room dusty when we
were looking for a place to put our luggage.

In fact all the room corners are dusty and in need
of sweeping or probably a thorough vacuuming.

Second: The dust were not exclusive on the
floor as the lampshade was also very dusty.

I was even able to write ‘Hi’
on the dusty lampshade base.


Third: The toilet looked okay, 


…but on a closer look, the shower room floor and 
walls were grimy and needing a good scrubbing.


There were even hair strands stuck on
the wall left by the previous guests.


Fourth: the hallway infront of our room was transformed to
an unsightly open storage area of unused chairs and tables.  

The room was also newly renovated but I observed that 
the interior decorator did not maximize the spacious 
room, as there are lots of unused dead spaces,
and out- of- place, space occupying, huge partitions.

The room could have been designed into a one- bedroom
family suite, that could have provided privacy for those
who wanted to sleep in the bedroom, and for those who
just wanted to relax and laze in a separate living room.

There was no black out curtains to darken the room
depriving the guests from getting up late.in the morning.


Most of these downsides are however correctible and could  be
solved with proper training for the housekeeping department 

...and hiring a reputable interior designer who would be able 
to consistently keep up with the hotel's Mediterranean theme,


...which is not difficult to attain.. 

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