Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sbarro’s Stuffed Pizza: Sbarro’s @ SM City Naga

Sbarro’s Stuffed Pizza 
Sbarro’s @ SM City Naga

We love pizza and we are fotrunate as some
of the best pizza chains are already here in 
Naga City, so we never run out of choices. 


Shakeys is known for its classic thin crust
pizza and nobody does it better than them.

Pizza Hut for the stuffed crust pizza where
diners could choose between cheese or sausage.

Yellow Cab is known for it’s huge New York
style pizza with abundantly generous toppings.

But nothing really beats Sbarro’s Stuffed Pizza,
as it is a combination of the that best that the three
(Shakeys, Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab) had to offer.

Stuffed not just at the crust’s edge
but between two thin pizza crust,

…not just sausage or cheese but an array
of delightful veggies and various cold cuts,

…and topped with a variety of creamy sauces,

…then served hot and ready to eat.


This must be what pizza in heaven tastes like.

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