Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pizza Hut’s Halo Halo; Overflowing Saccharine Goodness

Pizza Hut’s Halo Halo 
Overflowing Saccharine Goodness  

When we dined at Pizza Hut at SM City Naga,


…we ordered our all time favorite summer
dessert fares  like the Mud Pie Sundae,


and the Fruity Jello.

The crew however asked us if we wanted to try their  Halo- halo.
It was apparently the first day that they introducing  the new  
Halo- halo their menu. It amused us,  that this all- American 
restaurant is offering a true blue Filipino  dessert, so we ordered one.

It was served in a bowl with the shaved ice at the bottom
topped overflowing with all the saccharine ingredients,

…that we had to ask for a bigger pasta bowl
so we could mix everything up before eating.


We love this Pizza Hut Halo- halo as we could still chew
the bits and pieces of ice, and with just enough sweetness.


It tasted more like for the Chow- King Halo- halo,
but better as it was less creamier, less sweeter
and with bigger and crunchier ice chips to chew.
One of the best Halo- halo we’ve tasted so far. 

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