Saturday, April 23, 2016

IHOP Mall of Asia: Good Food, Horrible Plating

IHOP Mall of Asia
Good Food, Horrible PLating 

My family was supposed to dine at the Tasting Room for our
noche buena during our stay at the Crown Towers, Manila- 

…when my sister in- laws’ big family together with my   
mother- in  law  dropped by for a visit, so we decided
 to dine at the   IHOP at the nearby Mall of Asia.

IHOP is one of our favorite restaurants and we never
fail to dine here wherever we’re in the US and I have
blogged about IHOP Anaheim branch near Disneyland,

^^^IHOP Anaheim

…and this is the first time that
we’re trying a local franchise.

We decided to order dishes not found in
their US stores and only offered locally.


We started French Fries and Cheese Fingers 
for our appetizers and both were perfectly fried
it was crispy outside, moist inside and very tasty.


My son had a Classic Pork Tocino, an all day breakfast
fare and it tasted just like any other Pinoy tocinos,  sweet
ang tangy. Nothing really special to rave and crave about.


My daughter’s Bacon Mac and Cheese Pasta 
didn’t look appetizing as it was served in a bowl
carelessly covered with a piece garlic bread, but
aside for the sloppy presentation it was delicious.


The Grilled Cheese Sandwich that my
wife ordered was also very delicious.


I ordered Tilapia Florentine and just like the pasta,
it  didn’t look good enough to eat as the fish was served 
mangled and macerated. It was otherwise very delicious. 


IHOP MOA being an international fast food chain
should train their restaurant crew for proper food
plating to make to make them attractive and pleasing
and be at par with the rest of its branches in the world. 

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