Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ministop Magsaysay: Cookie- Swiss Miss Dunking Bonding

Ministop Magsaysay 
Cookie- Swiss Miss Dunking Bonding 
It was again a post haircut cookie- milk dunking session
with my son. We in initially intended to go to Starbucks, 

…but the parking was full so
parked at the nearby Ministop.

Out of curiosity, we decided to hang
around a little  bit at the Ministop,

and later I got tempted to order  the fried
dumplings displayed on the glass encased counter.

Each order of dumpling comes in three,
and I wanted to sample all the flavors
so I ordered a Fried Pork Dumplings,

Fried Sharkfin Dumplings,

…and the Fried Crab Dumplings.

Each were served with a pre- packed soy sauce and chili sauce.
Everything was delicious but interestingly it wouldn’t matter
what dumpling flavor you order as they all tasted the same
anyway. May it be the crab or sharkfin and believe it or not-
even the pork, all had this delightful seafood aftertaste. Even
the best food connoisseur wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

My young son also decided to have his cookie- milk dunking
here, instead on the Starbucks  next door and bought a pack each
of Oreo Cream Filled Cookies and Chunkee Cookie Cream Pie.

Since all they had were cold milk in tetrapacks
and they did not have warm milk, I suggested
that he try the Swiss Miss Marshmallow, 3 in1
cocoa mix that apparently had real milk on it.

It was a hit. Dunking Oreo cookies in a warm
Swiss miss was after  all a surprisingly perfect
combination, like a marriage made in heaven.

But the gastronomic revelation in this experience
came when little Timothy started dunking the 
Chunkee Cookie Cream Pie on the Swiss Miss.

The Swiss Miss permeated the crunchy and porous
choco- chip chocolate cookie making it more chocolaty.

It also turned the cookie softer with awesome
melt in the mouth consistency but does not fall
apart as it has held firm by the densely compacted
chocolate sandwiched between the two tasty cookies.

It was so good and addicting that my son requested
for another pack of Chunkee Cookie Cream Pie, 

… and savored the delicious, melt in the mouth goodness  
choco- milk soaked butter chocolate sandwich once more.

I concluded my meal with a cup of 
My Choice Instant Capuccino Mix.

There’s really nothing to rave about this
instant coffee, and we spent a little less than
two hundred pesos for our post- haircut snacks,

…but joy brought by the simple Cookie- Swiss Miss
Dunking bonding with my young son was priceless.


Ministop  also served  an awesome alternative Starbucks 
several days later when we were supposed to have a 
cookie- milk  dunking session after our dinner in Okuya.

The queue at Starbucks was kilometric sot we decided to return to
 Ministop for the  cookie dunking using Swiss Miss Dark Choco,.

My son bought the Chunkee Cookies again,

...and a pack of Dewberry Strawberry Cookies.

It was not Starbucks,  but it was just as awesome,

...and much more affordable.

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