Saturday, November 14, 2015

Grand Depo Café, Williams, Arizona

Grand Depo Café 
Williams, Arizona 

After almost four hours drive from Las Vegas 
on our way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, 

…we arrived in Williams, Arizona
for lunch at the Grand Depo Café.

It lies in the iconic Route 66,

…and a repository of celebrated old trains,

…that are on display along its historic grounds.

The Grand Depo Café is set in an old building
that used to be the Williams’ Grand Train Depo.

The restaurant serves a wide array
of American all time favorite dishes,

…in their massive buffet area.

It is a beautiful restaurant that could get really
crowded, as it is where most of huge tourists
buses  visiting Grand Canyon stop for lunch.

Most of the local American
tourists were critical of the food,

….but for unsophisticated foreign Filipino tourists
like my family, who came from a third world country,

…who had been to numerous places around the world,
and have seen some of the worst places to dine- sadly,
(the truth may hurt but I had to say this) some of them are
right here at home, and for what we have experienced-
the charming Grand Depo Café  is not one of them .

In fact we found the food delicious,
and a good exposure to American
comfort food for Filipinos like us.

The Grand Depo Café also has
an awesome rustic souvenir shop,

…where tourists could shop for some
the best Grand Canyon souvenirs.

A hearty meal at the Grand Depo Café,
is a wonderful prelude before visiting
the nearby breathtaking Grand Canyon.

The Grand Depo Café, should be
 on a must visit and must dine list,

... for every tourist visiting Williams, Arizona 
and the Grand Canyon located nearby.


  1. My son dominic will surely love that big train...

    1. I hope they do the same with our old trains Milrose. Restore and display. Kids would definitely love a train museum.