Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Instant Heavy Breakfast and Crab Casserole: Cooking 101 with Kids

Instant Heavy Breakfast 
and Crab Casserole 
Cooking 101 with Kids  

The long Penafracia Fiesta Holiday gave me a
chance to bond with my son again- in the kitchen.
We both woke up early so we could prepare breakfast
for his mom and sister and I would be his assistant.


We have already gotten use of having regular instant
breakfasts everyday, consisting of brown rice, spam, egg
and pickles. Everyone is in a hurry for school and work and
we all do not  have the time to prepare a more elaborate meal.

This day is different. We have no deeds to do,
no appointments to keep. It’s fiesta in Naga,
and as usual we have to guests to entertain - we
have a lot of time to cook more elaborate meals.


Our first on the list was Idaho Spuds
Mashed Potatoes with Oatmeal.

The kids are planning to wakeboard at CWC,

 ...and would be needing some carbo- loading and 
this easy to prepare dish perfect choice for them.

This is being done by mixing butter with milk. 

Put in the microwave until the butter melts.

Add the Idaho Spuds potato powder and the Instant
Oatmeal Mix thoroughly. The oatmeal would add more
fiber and texture to the mixture and make the dish healthier
as it has  a lower glycemic index than the potato powder.

Microwave until cooked,

…and serve hot.


Second on the list was a sunny side up egg,

…and this is fairly easy to do and my young son did
not have any difficulty having a perfectly fried egg.

Nothing to add. Not even salt. 
Just 100% pure fresh fried egg  


Third on the list was the Thick Cut Bacon.

What’s a breakfast without a bacon?

A perfectly fried,

…golden brown bacon,

…is a must and the good thing is,
even little kids could cook bacon
with ease and without difficulty.


Fourth on the list was Hash Brown,

…and just like everything else-
its ready to cook and ready to fry,

…to an instant, golden brown perfection.

Everyone would surely love a stack 
of hash brown on the breakfast plate. 


Of course, last in out list, our main dish-  Crab Casserole.
This delicious complex looking dish is in reality  easy to 
prepare  and even young  kids like Timothy can cook.


Cut the onions and the celery to small pieces,

…and chop them in the food processor.

Melt the butter in the microwave,

Chop the soda crackers and
mix it with the melted butter.

Add the other ingredients
including the herbs and mustard,


…add the crab meat, the whip cream,

… mix once again.

…and bake in a pre- heated
oven at 175o C for 30 minutes,

Remove from the
oven once cooked,

…and serve immediately.

We always  stay home during the Penafrancia Fiesta
Though it falls  on a long weekend, but the holiday is not 
long enough for a leisurely vacation so we had to stay home. 

Unfortunately the Penafracia holiday is not the best time
to stay in Naga as it is brimming with people in every nook
and cranny of the city. This is the time of the year where
we could wake up late, do nothing and just laze all day.

No need to worry if all the hotels and restaurants are
fully booked, as we have all the time to cook, bond
with the family in the kitchen and eat as much as we want.

Breakfast is ready.

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