Saturday, November 7, 2015

Podo Grill, M Plaza: Delicious and Affordable All Time Pinoy Favorites

Podo Grill, M Plaza 
Delicious and Affordable All Time Pinoy Favorites

It has been more than a decade when we last dined at Podo Grill 
located in Diversion Road. We liked the food but we found the
place sleazy as there were lots of heavily made ladies working
on the karaoke bars in the area openly flirting with some of the
boisterous mechanics  from the numerous car shops nearby.

So, when we saw a signage that they have opened at the 
M Plaza, we decided to dine at Podo Grill once more. 

Podo Grill at M Plaza is a beautiful open air restaurant,

…with a classic Filipino décor that would remind the diners
of the old airy ‘bahay na bato’ houses of our grandparents,

…that had ribbed ceilings, airy verandas
 with old fashioned sliding capiz windows,

…with classic, sturdy wood chars and tables.

They have several pre- cooked dishes
displayed  in a  glass encased counter,
and one may also choose ala carte from
the menu and cooked fresh upon order.

They served us a beef stock clear soup
which was for free and yet very tasty.

We all enjoyed the Fried Hito, as it was very tender
and juicy. It was sweetish- fresh, it wasn’t salty and
tasted very natural, devoid of any artificial flavoring.

The Grilled Tilapia was perfectly cooked and
just like catfish, it was fresh and sweetish, it
wasn’t salty, didn’t  have any tinge of artificial
flavoring and it was just naturally delicious.

My son loves Bistek Pinoy and this Podo Grill dish
may just become his favorite version of this extremely
popular Pinoy dish. The sauce was very tasty but not salty
and does not overwhelm the chewy but very tender beef.

I love the way they cooked the Laing.
It was simmered with rich to coconut milk
until the green gabi leaves turned into a
deliciously slimy well done strands without
the usual disgusting curdled half -cooked gata.

The Sisig is also worth coming back for.
It was delightfully crispy, it was tasty and
best of all-  it was not frighteningly oily. 

Podo Grill in M Plaza is a wonderful
and beautiful restaurant that serves good
food that is affordable and budget friendly

…without the sleazy ambiance like
their original store in Diversion road.


  1. Best Bulalo in Naga City. A must try in Podo Grill

    1. Yes, we've heard about it, will try it next time.