Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Universal Citywalk: Universal Studios’ Glittering Township (Fun and Exciting Blog Series 3)

Universal Citywalk 
Universal Studios’ Glittering Township 
(Fun and Exciting Blog Series 3) 

The Universal Citywalk, serves as a hip, compact and
modern township of the Universal Studios Hollywood, 
located just adjacent to the iconic and popular theme park. 

Universal Citywalk is a great strip mall to
visit as it offers everything you would need.

They have popular restaurants,

… all American favorite food outlets,

…and even affordable food court.

They also have good selection hip bars,

…great branded stores,

…movie houses, and even extreme 
sports like indoor sky diving.

The kids also loved the numerous
candy stores at the Citywalk.

They also have free shows and concerts every night.

We were lucky as we stayed at the Hilton Universal,
as it is located just a block away from the hotel and the
hotel signage is even visible at the Universal Citywalk,

...and a free shuttle service every 
15 minutes is also available-

…so we were at the Universal Citywalk everyday
during our seven days vacation in Los Angeles.

The good thing of staying close to the to the Universal Citywalk, 
is we could stay  late at night when most people had gone home,

…and we have the iconic Universal Studios Plaza 
all for ourselves as it  gets so crowded at daytime,

…since it serves as the gate way to
the Universal Studios Hollywood.

We could get all the pictures we want
without being bothered by a photo bomber,

...like what happens most at daytime. 

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