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Hilton Hotel Universal: Comfort on a Budget in Hollywood (Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 2)

Hilton Hotel Universal 
Comfort on a Budget in Hollywood
(Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 2) 

We arrived late in the afternoon at the beautiful 
Hilton Hotel Universal after about five and a half  
hours scenic bus trip from Las Vegas on Greyhound.

Source: Hilton Hotel

This the second time that we will be staying
this hotel, the first one was about three years ago
which I extensively reviewed in my past blog.

Hilton Hotel Universal had a beautiful
spacious, modern- contemporary lobby.

It has cathedral- high glass ceiling that creates an
airy outdoor feel as it allows a lot of natural lights.

It has comfortable lobby seats,

…a tour desk where guests could conveniently
book for city tours and charge it to their rooms.

They also have a wonderful souvenir shop by the lobby.

We have stayed in a very spacious
Alcove Room during our last stay here,

…this time I was able to book only a standard suite
as they are hosting the medical convention that I would
 be attending and all their bigger rooms were taken.

I have been requesting for an upgrade but
was unsuccessful as they were fully booked.

I requested again for an upgrade when I registered
to no avail, but otherwise, check- in was a breeze,

Source: Hilton Hotel

..and we were immediately on our
way to our room at the 7th floor.

This would be our home for the next seven days in
LA, our last stop for this three city autumn US vacation.


We were expecting a rather small room, but we were pleasantly surprised 
when we found out that the De Luxe Room was big and very spacious.
It had two queen sized beds, enough for a family of four to fit in comfortably.

The room was pretty large and the
kids had a lot of space to move around.

It had a comfortable seating area, that could 
also serves as an extra utility or side table

..a huge flat screen TV,

...kept in a lovely console, 

..a working and reading desk.

…and spacious closet.

It had a high end coffee maker at the minibar,

…but did not have a refrigerator, and all it had were
bottled water, drinking glasses and an Ice Bucket,
that could be filled up from the nearby ice machine.

It had a beautiful and spacious toilet,

…a nice bathtub,

…provided with basic amenities, 

….and sufficient signature toiletries.

The room had panoramic floor to ceiling windows
with a nice view of  Hollywood Hills on one side,

…and Universal Studios on the other side..

A room had three land line phones-
the first one at the bedside,

...the second one on the study table,

…and a third one in the toilet.

We were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


The Hilton Hotel Universal had a perfect location
for those who are visiting Universal Studios as it is
located just few blocks away from the theme park
and could bee seen from our hotel room's window.

It also offers a regular free shuttle,

to the nearby Sheraton Universal,

…and the Universal City Walk,

where guests could access the
Universal Studios Hollywood.


Hilton Hotel Universal had a beautiful
heated outdoor swimming pool,

…and a whirlpool,

….amidst a beautifully landscaped garden.

I wasn’t able to check the Gym as we really
didn’t  have time to use it  since were always out.

With the Universal Studios Hollywood
just a short ride away by a free shuttle,

…guests would never run out of places
to play  and stray within the hotel.


Breakfast Buffet
Café Sierra

Hilton Hotel Universal offers a massive
breakfast buffet at the Café Sierra,

…and we always look forward for
hearty breakfasts in this hotel

…as they serve an enormous spread of
delectable local and international dishes.

The cavernous Café  Sierra is also very beautiful
and had an outdoor feel as it had the cathedral like
glass roofing that allows a lot of natural lights.

Lobby Lounge

Lobby Lounge is a nice place to unwind while
listening  to a relaxing music played on a piano.


Hilton Hotel Universal is a wonderful and
affordable hotel for families traveling on a budget.

The rooms are spacious, clean,
and the beds are comfortable.

It had a perfect location for those visiting
the iconic Universal Studios Hollywood,

…as its located just a block away and offers
a free shuttle to Universal City Walk.

It was a beautiful, chic, well- designed
spacious and comfortable suite rooms,

…and offers a spectacular breakfast buffet.

We have stayed in this room few years
ago and tremendously enjoyed our stay.

We returned after three years and we did not regret.

 I have named this hotel in my past blogs as

Best value for Money Hotel
Five Star Quality  Hotels, Three Star Price  


..and we would definitely stay in Hilton Hotel Universal  
again should  we return to Los Angeles in the future,

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