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Knott’s Berry Farm: The Theme Park that Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken Built (Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 11)

Knott’s Berry Farm 
The Theme Park that Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken Built 
(Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 11) 

I have blogged about Knott’s Berry Farm 
earlier in Anaheim, Theme Park City Series  
and one can read it on the l link below: 

Knott’s Berry Farm 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 7) 

This is apparently very first theme park in the United States,
and we decided to visit this on our penultimate day in LA.
We woke up early and had a heavy breakfast in the hotel,

…and took an in house- hotel limousine
that would take us to Buena Park.

We have been in the US for almost three weeks
and this is the 6th theme park that we have visited
but we never seemed to suffer theme park fatigue.

Everyone was excited as it is everybody’s
first  time at the Knott’s Berry Farm.

And our enthusiasm heightened when we
caught the sight of the park’s tegula roofed 
entrance that exuded a warm, old world charm.


We had a photo taken with
Snoopy at the entrance, 

…then  immediately headed to Camp Snoopy,
where most of the kiddy rides are located.

From the Woodstock Airmail, 

Red Baron,

Baloon Race,

...Linus Launcher,

…the unexpectedly very fast-
moving High Sierra Ferris Wheel,

Camp Bus,

Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer,

….Pig Pen's Mud Buggies

Rapid River Run,

Rocky Mountain Trucking Company

...including the moderately 
extreme Sierra Sidewinder,

…and the Timberline Twister

Just after we completed the Camp Snoopy rides,
my daughter met up with her former classmate from
Naga City who is now US based, and off they went
on their own, and advised them to see us at dinner.  

While me, my wife and my young son  
headed  to the Indian Trails,

...and queued at the  Butterfield Stagecoach

It is a real stagecoach that takes guests on a leisurely ride
around and one of the original rides developed in 1949.

We then went to the Ghost Town Zone, the
most historic part of the theme park as it  one
of the original and oldest attractions of the park.

The Ghost Town is a venue where craftsmen and
artisans can demonstrate their skills from metal crafts, 

...glass blowing,

...traditional candy making,

...and cloth spinning to name a few.

This is also the site of notable historical structures
like the Bird Cage Theater that hosts seasonal shows,

…and the Calico Stage at Calico Square,
 both are original attractions when this
very first American theme park was built.

Guests should not miss the Calico Mine Ride,
on of the oldest attractions in the park which was
recently renovated and re-opened June this year.

This is also where we rode Calico Ghost Train,

...populated with people dressed in turn of the century 
costumes from the pretty Ghost Town Mayor's wife,

...the Sheriff and his sleepy Deputy, 

...and the friendly Train Conductor

It is also in this zone where the Ghost Rider
is located, a classic wooden roller coaster.

We also feasted on yummy cookies and pastries 
for snacks at the Ghost Town Bakery in this zone.

The Wild Wilderness Zone was located nearby.

This is where the Bigfoot Rapids is found and this
exciting white water rafting ride should no be missed.

Also in this area is the Timber Mountain Log Ride

The Boardwalk area is where most
of the extreme rides are located.

I tried two rides with my young son, 
like the Pacific Scrambler,

...and the Pacific Gliders.

Ironically, this is apparently where my daughter and her
friend had the most fun and tried all the extreme rides. 

 Our last stop was the Fiesta Village,

…where the Merry Go- Round is located,

...together with other moderate to extreme rides.

My daughter joined us later in the afternoon to watch
the Lucy's Christmas Wish show at Camp Snoopy.

Of all the theme parks we visited during this vacation,
we unexpectedly had the most fun in Knott's Berry Farm.

It may be because that this was our first visit
here, and the wide eyed-  first time visitor's 
awe and excitement have not weaned out yet,

...but one thing for sure, Knott’s Berry Farm,
may be  the only theme park in the world where
learning history is a part of fun and adventure.


Knott’s Berry Farm started as a leisure area
to entertain people queuing  for Cordelia Knott
to serve them her celebrated fried chicken.
It makes America’s first theme park, as a park that 

…and visiting Knott’s Berry Farm is never
complete without dining at the very famous 


One of the reasons why we visited Knott’s Berry Farm is to
located at the California Marketplace right beside the theme park. 
but it was full packed, so we went to Mrs. Knott’s Chicken To Go.

The queue was also long but tolerable,

…and I ordered the Super Saver  
that costs only $ 33.99.

The package had eight pieces of their very delicious, hot freshly baked 
Cordelia Knott’s  Biscuits with Boysenberry Jam.  They smelled and
tasted so buttery good, that we were tempted to eat them  before we
got  back to the hotel, while waiting for our rented car to pick us up.

Most people  were right in saying that this popular buttermilk
biscuits had "lighter than air goodness". For us, the sensation
of tasting the popular biscuits for the for first time-  was pure bliss.
It was addicting that when we arrived at the hotel only half was left.

The meal deal also included a bowl of
a super yummy Chicken Noodle Soup.

It also came with a bowl of creamy Mashed Potatoes,
that was so delicious and went well with the chicken,
and made us forget our craving for our Pinoy staple rice.

Who could ever forget my family’s all time favorite Baked Beans?
We never fail to order this dish whenever we’re out of the country
as we seldom see any restaurant back home serving baked beans.
Cordelia Knott’s version is very delicious as it is addicting

The famous Cordelia Knott’s Fried Chicken was the main reason 
why we  included  Knott’s Berry Farm in our itinerary- and it did 
not disappoint. Mrs. Knott’s traditional chicken dinner is made of 
plump birds, and cooked the same way when Cordelia served 
them in the farm for the very first time exactly eighty years ago.  

It tasted a little bit like the original KFC fried chicken
but less saltier but tastier as one could still savor the
spices used in the marinade as it is not masked up by salt.

It also came with a bowl of Gravy, but one would
not really need it as the chicken was already juicy
and very delicious even without it- but it was so tasty
that we decided to top our mashed potatoes with it.

The Apple Pie dessert included in the meal deal
is to die for. For this apple pie alone, it is worth
coming back to Knott’s Berry Farm once again.

The meal deal also came with a 2- liter soda.

After five days in Anaheim,

…and another five days in Las Vegas,

…this delicious and satisfying bargain meal was a perfect

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