Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sugar Rush in LA : Eat Your Heart Out Sweetie (Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 9)

Sugar Rush in LA 
Eat Your Heart Out Sweetie 
(Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 9) 

As an endocrinologist, my patients would
hate me for this post. I came to LA to attend a
convention about diabetes and insulin resistance,

…here I am- and could not resist the temptation of
the numerous candy stores at the Universal Citywalk.

It was an extravagant, persuasive sugar
temptation for me and my family,

…and it is a feast for the saccharine senses,

…as there was a wide array of sweets and candies,

…of all kinds, all forms and sizes.

Who cares about the calories? 

Who cares about  the health warnings?

 Everything that your doctor tells you 
not to eat, to limit and to avoid is here.

Even those they tell to eat a lot, like fruits-
they’re also here- and they are sinfully coated
either with caramel and tempting chocolates.

I even suspect the serpent used one of these candy coated
apples to lure Eve for a bite at the Garden of Eden.

These days the serpent has transformed itself to
appealing and tempting candy stores like Sparky’s

…and the delightfully alluring It’Sugar.

After all the candy shopping, my son gave us
a- okay sign while guarding his bagful of loot,

…and when we got back to the hotel, we
laid down all the sweets we had bought, 

…we couldn’t get enough and didn’t know what to do,
and how begin the massive saccharine buffet in our room.

After we fired up with the very first bite on
the sweet treats, it was a virtual Sugar Rush.

It’s sometimes exciting to be

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