Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Los Angeles Zoo: A Beautiful Zoo in the City (Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 5)

Los Angeles Zoo 
A Beautiful Zoo in the City 
(Fun and Exciting LA Blog Series 5) 

When I booked at Hilton Hotel for a car service to take
us to Los Angeles Zoo, the guy in the  counter suggested
why not go to the bigger and better San Diego Zoo instead?

We have been to San Diego Zoo so many times in the past, but
we never have been to Los Angeles Zoo and we wanted to see it.

He understood and accompanied us to the
hotel’s Lincoln Continental limousine,

…and off we went to Los Angeles Zoo.

It was already past noontime when we arrived as I still
attended the early morning sessions of the convention,
and luckily, there were just very few people around,

…and there was no queue at the ticket booth.

We were greeted by the zoo photographers and
took fancy photos of my family at the entrance,

…and immediately headed to the
Family and Children’s Zoo section.

This is where the kids enjoyed
 some benign zoo animals,

…watched them up close on
underground glass bubbles,

...some in glass cages, 

…and even had a chance to pet them.

They also fancied at the animals that came from the
Philippines like the humongous Panay Cloud Rat.

From the Kiddie Zoo, we walked leisurely-

….to the Lair, where most
of  the reptiles are displayed.

It was one of the best sections of LA Zoo,

…where one could interact and get close even with
the most venomous reptiles thru clear glass cages.

From The Lair-

...we bought sodas for refreshments and 
stopped  to rest at the street curb for  while,

…before proceeding to the Australian
Continent themed section of the zoo.

It was a vast section of LA Zoo,

…where the kids had a great time
and enjoyed interacting with the vast
animals on display from down under.

From the Australian continent we walked
next to the great African Continent area
where we enjoyed watching the Gorillas,


…on their various moods,

…and various state of mind.

This is also the area where most of
the African safari animals are found,

…and  had a vast collection of 
exotic wild animals on display.

We then stopped at the Gorilla Grill,

…to have some chips and burgers.

From the Gorilla Grill we went to the monkey
terrace to watch the numerous monkeys on display,

…then headed to the Asian Continent area,

…where we marveled on the graceful
 Calamian Deer from the Philippines,

…and other Asian animals on display.

We did not make it to the bird show as we arrived late,
so we just decided to take photos at  theater entrance.

On our way out, we passed by the
Rainforest of Americas Section,

…and headed for the playground
so young Timothy could play.

We lingered for a while at the park
to enjoy the cold autumn  weather,

…before heading back to the exit.

It was only 5:30 in the afternoon, and we
finished our zoo visit earlier than we thought,
so we waited for a while for our hotel’s limousine
service that was supposed to pick us up at 6 PM.

It arrived on time and off we went back
to our Hotel  to have dinner and rest.

LA Zoo is not as massive as the more

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  1. Nice zoo... but why covered the faces? Are you a celebrity ...:) ?
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