Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Soledad at the Piazza: Filipino- Spanish Cuisine

Soledad at the Piazza 
Filipino- Spanish Cuisine

We had a chance to dine again in Soledad 
one of our favorite restaurants in Naga City,

…and it is the place to go when one is craving
for some of the best Filipino and Spanish dishes.

This time, we immediately browsed the Filipino and Bicolano
section of the menu as we wanted to dine on local Pinoy dishes.

We started our dinner with Sinigang na Hipon.
Although my family loves sinigang, but we are
always been particularly hypersensitive on the
degree of sourness of the dish, that it should not
be enough to wrinkle our faces on acerbic revulsion.

Soledad’s Sinigang na Hipon was perfect, passed our
“mukhasim taste test”, it wasn’t too sour, one could still
eat it smiling, the veggies are fresh and was very delicious.

We always order Boneless Crispy Pata whenever
we dine in Soledad. This is one of the best dishes
that one would ever taste in this restaurant. The
deboned pork thigh was friend to crispy perfection
and the flesh had a melt in the mouth tenderness.

Dinailan is the bagoong counterpart in Camarines Norte
and although it is very tasty, it is also repulsively smelly so
we never really developed fondness on this dish. But we
always order one in Soledad, as they miraculously eliminated
the hideous smell, it wasn’t salty and it tasted really good.

They also serve the best Sinanglay na Tilapia in Bicol.
While the traditional version uses whole fish stuffed with
vegetables like fresh tomatoes and ‘kamias’, wrapped with
pechay leaves and later slowly simmered in coconut milk,

Source: Undercoated

…this one is made of pan seared tilapia fillet, together
with the fresh vegetables simmered in coconut milk. The
fish was served bathed and lying in a pool of ‘gata’, topped
with the veggies instead of being stuffed inside the fish.

I was intrigued by the Inagunan Manok in the menu so we
ordered one. It is a native chicken cooked in smoked coconut
milk that tasted more like a creamy tinola. It was delicious.

We concluded our dinner with Turon topped with
a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup,

…and a serving of delicious
and creamy Leche Flan.

It has always been a pleasure to dine in Soledad-
as the food is good and the service is excellent.
Definitely, one of the best restaurants in the city.

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