Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mang Inasal’s Crema de Leche: The Best Halo- halo in Town (Naga City Halo Halo Summer Series 1)

It’s summer time and it’s halo-halo time. Stay, Stray Play and Feast is running a series of food review on where to find the best halo- halo in Naga City. While we have gotten used to the traditional preparations of stuffing so many sweetened ingredients in a bowl of ice, as we always believe that the more the merrier, but the halo- halo loses its distinctive taste this way. It is a culinary fact that in preparing any dish- the lesser, the better and making the best halo- halo is not an exemption.

Mang Inasal’s Crema de Leche
The Best Halo- Halo in Town 
(Naga City Halo Halo Summer Series 1) 

The best Halo- halo is not the traditional halo- halo
that they serve as it had no gustatory identity, as
most  Pinoys have a penchant of putting so many
ingredients,  heaping up in a bowl of crushed ice.

The flavor overload confuses our taste buds 
we would never know what we are eating.

Since most of halo- halo ingredients are made 
of preserved candied fruits and sugary desserts,
and we have gotten used to this syrupy 
saccharine concoction we usually judge how good
it is according to the degree of sweetness.  

Most Filipino traditional Halo- halo lovers would disagree
or even hate me for this, but I want my Halo- halo to have 
the most basic ingredients where I could savor and still 
identify the kind flavor that was added in the concoction.  

I also don’t not want my Halo- Halo too sweet,
the ice should still be crunchy, not too milky-
that it should not have a smoothie- like texture.  

These are the reasons why I consider 
Mang Inasal's Crema de Leche, 
 as the best tasting Halo- halo ever.  


Taste it to believe it. 

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Mang Inasal’s Crema de Leche
The Best Halo- Halo in Town
Naga City Halo Halo Summer Series 1 

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