Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pizza, O Pizza. O Yellow Cab Pizza: The Best Pizza in Town

Pizza, O Pizza. O Yellow Cab Pizza.
The Best Pizza in Town 

While we are addicted to Sbarro, except for ordering food to go,
we never really get interested to dine there because of its detestable
location  at the overcrowded and raucous SM City Naga Foodcourt.

Good thing that Yellow Cab has a full store in Naga
and since their pizza is just as good, we get to enjoy a
variety excellent pizza, dining in a restaurant comfort.

Yellow Cab is the only restaurant where no one
disagrees whenever someone suggests dining there.

Who could ever resist the temptation of Four Seasons Pizza.
made of NY Classic, 4 Cheese, Anchovy Lovers, Roasted Garlic
and Shrimp, where they put in four great flavors in one pizza.

I immediately served myself a slice of the delectable
Roasted Garlic and Shrimp and it was very, yummy. 

While my wife ordered her all time
favorite of Chicken Alfredo Pasta,

I feasted on the very delicious and addicting Aglio Olio.

It is a light and tasty pasta recipe with garlic,
olive oil, basil and sun- dried tomatoes, which
surprisingly tastes like  a spiced fresh tomato.

The topping was teeming with
 fresh, plump and juicy shrimps,

…and was served with Garlic Bread.

My daughter got herself Garlic Parmesan Wings
which she got to share with us. and it was very delicious.

While my son wanted to eat something with rice,
so we ordered on at the nearby Bigg’s Diner,

…and delivered a Chicken and Kebab Meal just for him.

We concluded our hearty and satisfying dinner with
a delectable Strawberry Ice Cream for dessert.

Yellow Cab undeniably serves the best pizza in the city-

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