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DJC Halo- Halo: The Most Popular Halo- Halo in Bicol (Naga City Halo- Halo Summer Series 2)

It’s summer time and it’s halo-halo time. Stay, Stray Play and Feast is running a series of food review on where to find the best halo- halo in Naga City. While we have gotten used to the traditional preparations of stuffing so many sweetened ingredients in a bowl of ice, as we always believe that the more the merrier, but the halo- halo loses its distinctive taste this way. It is a culinary fact that in preparing any dish- the lesser, the better and making the best halo- halo is not an exemption.
DJC Halo- Halo 
The Most Popular Halo- Halo in Bicol 
(Naga City Halo- Halo Summer Series 2) 

DJC Halo- halo is undeniably the most
popular halo- halo in Bicol, and one of
the most sought after in the Philippines. 

This iconic halo- halo originated in Tiwi, Albay,
and because of its popularity, it had opened
branches in Legazpi, Naga and even Manila.

This is the halo- halo that Bicolanos would
recommend to their guests whenever they
want to show off the best halo- halo in Bicol.

But DJC halo-halo falls short of SSP&F’s  best
halo- halo criteria due to the following reasons:
First, it just had too many ingredients that
results to a flavor overload making the taste
indiscernible from any other halo- halo varieties.

Second, the kind of ice used was the finely shaved
milky variety that it melts very fast resulting to a
creamy- watery concoction similar to a melted smoothie.
I have always wanted a coarsely crushed ice where
I could still bite the crunchy bits and pieces of the ice.

Whenever we are in DJC’s, I always order their 
Banana Lanka Halo- Halo.  It was unfortunately 
always  out of stock so I wasn't able to get any photos 
of this extremely yummy and addicting halo-halo.

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Although they still use the finely crushed ice milk- that I dislike,
 the banana and langka creates a perfectly sweet treat that gives a
lingering fruity aftertaste made more flavorful by the dash of vanilla.

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Just for the Banana- Lanka Halo- Halo alone, it gives us a perfect 
reason  to keep on coming back to DJC’s again and again and again,
but I hope it would already  be available on our next visit then.

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