Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chili Peppers Iced Lychee: Most Delicous Halo Halo in Bicol (Naga City Halo Halo Summer Series 4)

It’s summer time and it’s halo-halo time. Stay, Stray Play and Feast is running a series of food review on where to find the best halo- halo in Naga City. While we have gotten used to the traditional preparations of stuffing so many sweetened ingredients in a bowl of ice, as we always believe that the more the merrier, but the halo- halo loses its distinctive taste this way. It is a culinary fact that in preparing any dish- the lesser, the better and making the best halo- halo is not an exemption.

Chili Peppers Iced Lychee 
Most Delicous Halo Halo in Bicol 
(Naga City Halo Halo Summer Series 4) 

This uber delicious dessert is not classified
as halo- halo at the Chili Pepper’s menu,

...but has the trimmings of being the best
halo- halo that I have been looking for.

First; it had a coarse crushed ice that one could still
bite the crunchy bits and pieces of ice, that neutralizes
the sugary sweetness of the dessert in your tongue.

Second; it has the right number of  ingredients- lychees,
green gulaman cubes, sweet caramel syrup at the bottom
of the glass and topped with sugar preserved red cherry.

The result is a merry mix of delicious and invigorating fruity
refreshment without the disgusting flavor overload (‘umay’)
that one feels after eating most of the traditional halo- halos.

Some may disagree that this concoction is not halo- halo,
but this is a somewhat undersized halo- halo for me, and
still I consider this as the best tasting halo- halo in Bicol.

I just hope that Chili Peppers would create a larger version of this

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