Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dufan's Iced Mix Fruit: Halo-Halo The Way it Should Be (Naga City Halo- Halo Series 5)

It’s summer time and it’s halo-halo time. Stay, Stray Play and Feast is running a series of food review on where to find the best halo- halo in Naga City. While we have gotten used to the traditional preparations of stuffing so many sweetened ingredients in a bowl of ice, as we always believe that the more the merrier, but the halo- halo loses its distinctive taste this way. It is a culinary fact that in preparing any dish- the lesser, the better and making the best halo- halo is not an exemption.

Dufan's Iced Mix Fruit 
Halo-Halo The Way it Should Be
(Naga City Halo- Halo Series 5) 

My family had a chance to try two foreign versions of halo- halo.
The first one was in a Burmese Restaurant at Post St., located in 
front  of  Beresford Arms Hotel where we stayed in  San Francisco 
 more than a decade ago, and tasted just like any other Pinoy halo- halo.

The second one was in Dunia Fantasi or Dufan,
a theme park located in Ancol, Jakarta in Indonesia.

It is available at the Bonanza Restaurant,
located at the old American Zone of Dufan, 
and listed as Iced Mixed Fruit on the menu.

It has a delightful mix of fresh fruit, not the uber sweet
and sugar- laden candied fruits used in Pinoy halo- halo.

Fresh bananas, watermelons, cherries, strawberries
mangoes, peaches, apples placed in a bowl of crushed ice,

….topped with grated young coconuts,

…they added a zesty and tangy fruit syrup that further
enhanced and brought out the best of the fruit flavors.

Despite having so many ingredients, the fruits being fresh and
since no cream or  milk were added, it does not overwhelm
and every ingredient retained their distinctive flavor and  taste.

Indeed, this is how a healthy and tasty halo- halo should be,
and unfortunately, it is not Pinoy but an Indonesian creation.

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