Monday, March 17, 2014

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner: Death by Burger Combo

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner 
Death by Burger Combo 

All the combo meals of any of the major Burger 
Restaurants anywhere else in the Philippines 
would pale in comparison to the one being 
offered at the Jack’s Blue Plate Diner, the best 
burger restaurant in this part of the world.

While most combos would have a burger, 
a bagful of fries and sometimes a regular soda, 
Jack’s Blue Plate Diner offers much, much more.

 It’s Death by Burger Combo- 
courtesy of Jack’s Blue Plate Diner.

 A mind boggling combination of four homongous 
tasty burgers made of , Western Angus Burger, 
Jalapeno Angus Burger, A1 Angus SteakBurger 
and  our favorite Bacon Mushroom Angus Burger.

 That’s four giant burgers in one big plate,
 that could put the Big Mac into shame and make
 it look like a a Small or Mini or even a Micro Mac.

Served with generous servings of the most delicious 
Onion Rings that one would ever taste in his lifetime,


 …and a heaping of  mound perfectly fried 
French Fries made from Grade A potatoes. 

 Yes, one could die (satisfied) after eating 
Death by Burger Combo by his lonesome,
 the combo is ideally good for four hungry
persons with voracious appetites,

 …but  with the giant burgers (served halved) 
could feed up to eight persons, and considering
how delicious the burgers here,  they would 
perhaps end up craving and dying  for more.

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