Friday, March 14, 2014

Sir Lancelot Café, Dining in Medieval Grandeur

Sir Lancelot Café, Mayon Avenue 
Dining in Medieval Grandeur 

We intended to dine at Grissini in Magsaysay Avenue 
but we couldn’t find a parking space, so I decided to 
turn right at Mayon Avenue which took us to the  
Sir Lancelot, a quaint European inspired restaurant. 

The restaurant had a Mediterranean architecture 
of basically rectangular structure, with symmetrical  
primary façade, stuccoed walls, red roof, arched doors   
and immense but lovely wrought iron balconies.

But on a closer look, the doors and the interiors had 
the Medieval  inspiration similar to the Bohemian 
architecture of Prague in the Czech Republic.

It had two symmetrical wide arched articulated doors, 
the first one had a beautiful silhouette painting of  
Sir Lancelot and his lady love, Queen Guinevere,

…and another door that serves as the main entrance had 
intricate iron grilles with Middle Ages cosmic images.

The restaurant interior was more 
of the Medieval Baroque,

… from the dark brown hardwood furnishings 
and Earth colored clay tiles,

… and the massive columns of hardwood that 
serves as a ceiling and as a main support for  
the upstairs’ antique looking  wooden floor.

The second floor dining area had similar motif. 
European style windows, plain hardwood furnishings,

 and beautiful faux medieval artworks on the wall.

Sir Lancelot reminded me of the themed restaurants 
in the beautiful city of Prague like the Bonaparte Cafe, 
inspired by the French warrior Napoleon Bonaparte,

…and Leon and Anna Restaurant, whose interiors are 
inspired by Marlon Brando’s movie, The Godfather.

We were given a menu that looked like 
and huge gold plated ancient book,

…and a hand bell to call the waiters
whenever we needed something.

We cannot help but admire the subtle beauty
of the restaurant and be  impressed with the
designer’s creativity and attention to details.

We started our dinner with Fish and Chips 
as an appetizer this dish is one of the best
local versions of this Bondi Beach classic fare.
The fish was perfectly fried and chewy,

…but I particularly loved the chips as
it had the right thickness, it wasn’t crispy
and had a soft but fibrous consistency,
similar to Shakey’s Mojos but not as salty.
It was served with cayenne mayo sauce.


The Sate Fish Soup was something new for us.
I believe is was made of a previously grilled
or maybe a pre- fried fish before being cooked
with fres mushrooms and vegetables as a soup.

It also had a stringy sotanghon-like noodles,
and although the kids did not like the dish,
my wife and I loved the slightly spicy soup.

Everyone loved the Pastel de Lengua as the very tender slices 
of  beef tongue seem to melt in the mouth when you eat it.
It was cooked with olives, carrots, bell pepper and generously 
bathed with creamy and tasty mushroom sauce. This is one dish
 that I would highly recommend when dining in Sir Lancelot.

We also had a Lohan Chay, which is a stir fried
Chop Suey like vegetable dish, but had several
mushroom varieties and was very delicious.


My son always wanted to have fish every meal
so we ordered a Grilled Tuna which was grilled
to handsome perfection and was topped with
powdered garlic and was very, very delicious….

Sir Lancelot is a beautiful medieval -inspired
restaurant, a hidden culinary treasure in Naga
that serves delicious food waiting be discovered.


  1. Sir Lancelot is now a Greek Cafe called Komentarista Cafe. They serve delicious Greek souvlaki. You should try it on your next visit. They even carry teas from all over the world and have a radio station where you can broadcast!

    1. Thank you for the info. Indeed, I saw the new signage and I initially thought it was exclusively a cafe for media people.