Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nutella Red Velvet by Sweet Vanilla Beans

Nutella Red Velvet 
by Sweet Vanilla Beans 

One of the (literally) sweetest gifts that I received 
on Valentines Day was a glassful of sweet treat.

It came in a transparent glass jar, 


...sealed with a label of Nutella Red Velvet.
and was baked by Sweet Vanilla Beans.

I do not know what the red velvet is made of,
but just the mere mention of Nutella on the label 
makes this delightful treat irresistible.

The Nutella Red Velvet is a  multi- layered  velvet colored cake,
 interspersed with  another layer  of creamy white cake, and a
 generous layer of  Nutella in between the two multi- colored cakes.

The pastry comes with
its own disposable fork.

…that could be used in digging in
the velvety goodness of this pastry.

The three layers of the cake
intermingles in every scoop,


…everytime you dig into the
velvety goodness of the pastry.

You get a different
degree of sweetness,

...different scrumptious chameleon of flavors,
depending where you fork lands so it’s like
eating  a different cake in every scoop.

Eating Nutella Red Velvet has an element of surprise as
you don’t have a hint what you will get on your next bite-

…but you are aware that it would
be just as yummy  or even more delicious
than the last until to the last piece of the cake.


The Nutella Red Velvet  is baked by Sweet Vanilla Beans,
 a sister company of the iconic  Bob Marlin Restaurant
in Magsaysay Avenue, and  available in the said restaurant.

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