Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summer Ready, Blue CWC: Awesomely Re- Invented

Summer Ready, Blue CWC
Awesomely Re- Invented

After almost a month of wakeboarding hiatus,  
the kids returned to the CWC for their weekly 
wakeboarding and skateboarding every Sunday. 

 photo newcwc3_zps28ab26a9.jpg

We have purposely avoided CWC on the last 
and first quarters of the year, as the winter 
in other countries made most of professional 
foreign wake boarders flock to the wake park. 

The pro- players make the wait period on the 
queue longer, compared to the amateurs as it 
takes a long time for them to fall during their ride.

Upon parking the first thing we noted was 
the magnificently blue main lake that looked 
like the deep blue sea  was surreally transplanted 
to the land locked CamSur Watersports Complex.

The view was fantastic as we could not imagine 
that an artificial man made lake could turn so blue…


 …and could make someone feel like he was in some 
isolated island paradise somewhere in the Pacific,

 …but without having to travel far.

As usual the wake park was teeming with 
hundreds of  foreign wake boarders,


….having a time of their lives,

....and having a blast of good time, 

….in the deep blue waters of CWC.

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