Thursday, March 20, 2014

Red Platter Chef Recommends The Unique Bicol Cordon Blue

Red Platter Chef Recommends 
The Bicol Cordon Blue 

Red Platter is one of the restaurants at 
the Naga City’s famous Magsaysay Strip 
that we never get tired  of coming  back,

…as they serve delicious array of local
and international dishes at affordable 
price and comfortable homey ambiance.

We had a rare chance to see a vacant 
parking space in front of the restaurant
on a Saturday night so we were lucky 
to be able to dine the restaurant again.

We started our dinner with their popular 
Sinigang na Salmon Belly. I personally
never like any type of sinigang as I hate 
anything that tastes sour like green mangoes
to tamarind which the main ingredient 
of any of the popular Pinoy sinigang.


Unfortunately for me, this is one of  my 
family’s favorite dishes so I had  just to bear
and grin  while they swearing  how delicious 
and tasty the Sinigang na Salmon Belly was.

My all time favorite dish in Red Platter 
is the Sizzling Seafood Combo. It is
a wonderful buffet of various fresh stir fried 
fish nuggets, clams, squid rings, shrimps and
veggies served hot and sizzling with goodness.

The classic Red Platter Chicken is a must try.
It was coated with tasty breading and was 
fried to crispy perfection but still very juicy.

Bicol’s Best Platter is a must for anyone dining 
in Red Platter especially for tourists visiting the
Naga City as it contains two of Bicol’s famous 
and iconic dishes; Pinagat and Bicol Express.

Although we already had Pinagat on 
the table, I still decided to order their
new fusion dish, the Bicol Cordon Bleu


 While most traditional cordon blue uses cheese filling, 
 the Red Platter version makes  use of Pinangat wrapped
with pounded thin breaded meat and fried perfectly.
The combination was unexpectedly delicious. 


It was a perfect match like it was made in heaven.

We ended our dinner with their delicious sweet treats.


 We never get tired of dining at Red Platter
as their extensive menu is varied and they  
always have something new to offer.

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