Monday, January 20, 2014

Daddy's Grill's Crispy Pata

Daddy’s Grill's Crispy Pata

Although we have been coming back to Daddy’s Grill,
our favorite sea food restaurant in the city regularly,

…I have not blogged about it lately as I didn’t want to
sound like a paid hack (which I am not, I am just a fan),
as I couldn’t stop raving about their delicious food.


We again ordered our regular favorite
seafood fares the last time we visited the
restaurant, which we tremendously enjoyed,


 …but this is the first time that we
 tried their delectable Crispy Pata. 

I would really run out of superlative adjectives
to describe the food as it appears just like any
other Crispy Pata dishes just by looking at it.


But once you taste it, the crispiness of the
perfectly fried skin had a full crunchiness
\that resonates at the back of your mastoids.

 The tender and juicy subcutaneous fat was cooked to 
an ideal  consistency that is chewy but soft and 
very scrumptiously edible and one wouldn’t notice that 
they are eating an otherwise gross slab of pork fat.

 Even the articular cartilages were fried to gooey
perfection that you cannot help but nibble the bone
clean to enjoy the mouth  watering treat that
one would thought only dogs would enjoy.

 By golly- they were made edible
 by Daddy’s Grill that  I felt guilty for 
our pet dogs as there was really
nothing left for them to anymore.

 To borrow two of  popular fried chicken
commercials,this Crispy Pata is “Sarap to
the bones” and “Finger lickin’ good”.

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