Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pechelito’s Place: Raucous, Chaotic and Seedy Resort

Pechelito’s Place 
Raucous, Chaotic and Seedy Resort

I never heard about Pechelito’s Place before until
we were invited by my sister-in law for a dinner in the
resort where they would be apparently staying overnight.

It is located in Magarao, Camarines Sur and going there
is just like driving in a meandering maze of narrow and
 sometimes pocked- marked subdivision roads,

When we arrived, there were several groups of men
seated around an outdoor garden table, passing a whiskey
in a drinking glass, having fun the ‘tagay- tagay’ style.
One of them stood up dressed in a police uniform and
greeted us saying “Welcome to Pechelito’s Place”


A young lady also welcomed us and asked if
we are checking in and if we have a reservation.
 We informed her that we were invited by
 someone else, and she took us to their room.

The place was huge and there was a man- made pond
surrounded by huts and cabanas, and all of them seemed
 to have been equipped with a karaoke,  filled with people
drinking alcohol and singing at the top of their voices.

Every dark nook around the lake seemed to have
people seated around a garden table, getting drunk,
hiding and obscured by the darkness of the night.

We were brought to a lake side cabana and we were told
that my sister in law’s family has not checked in yet, but
the staff was nice enough to let us get inside the room.

The room looked okay and comfortable.

It was well lighted, clean and had a rather
tiny air-conditioning unit for that room.

It had two boxed type plywood beds
topped with a about 3 inches of foam.

On the bed were neatly folded white towels,
some obviously needing replacement, and
guests were provided with basic toiletries.


It had a nice and clean bathroom,


…and interestingly, it had a pail and a dipper,

...and to our horror- there was no toilet paper.


We were given tissue papers after asking for one.
When we called their attention that we were asking
for a toilet paper, not tissue paper we were told
that those are the ones they give to their guests.

The room had a scenic balcony overlooking
the man- made lake with the direct view of
the cabanas and cottages surrounding the lake,

…but each of them has their own Karaoke Sets
and everyone seem to be singing on earsplitting 
levels, and this raucous balcony is not a place to
stay if one is looking for some peace and quiet.


The room also has a flat screen TV.

One had to ask for assistance from the staff
to turn it on as it is located too  far away from
the electrical outlet and they would provide
the guests an extension wire that had to go
all the way to the other side of the room.

I find it strange as why would one install an
appliance so far away from the power source? 
If it happened in my house, I would have fired
my architect and my interior decorator for not
having a proper plan and for not coordinating.

The TV does not have a remote and
had to be turned on and off manually.

There was no available Wi Fi in the room.

We were already hungry as took a little
 more time for our dinner host to arrive,
so we decided to  order something to eat.

The problem with this hotel is that they
 did not have any phone or an intercom
in the room so one had to walk around the
lake just to order food for room service.

Ordering is done on the front desk and we chose
Club House and Ham and Egg Sandwiches.
We also ordered Diet Sodas for us but they
have none so we settled for bottled water.

It's kinda weird that this resort sells almost
all kinds of wines and spirits but they have
none of the healthier diet drinks.

They delivered the sandwiches in our room which we
shared,  but we noted that the ham and egg sandwich,

…and the club house sandwich tasted the same.

On a closer look, we found out that both were
made of the same stuff-  ham and egg.

   They just cut it into quarters, added chips on it
and labeled it as a club house sandwich. Cool.


We were already halfway with our sandwiches
when our dinner hosts arrived…

…and they brought along tons and tons
 of food that they cooked at home and
 that was the reason why they were late.


The kids bonded with 
their cousins for a while,

…and later our hosts decided to have
a karaoke session by the balcony.

Out came the hotel staff tagging along
bundles and bundles of  electrical extension,
which they plugged on the TV extension,
creating a dangerous octopus connection.

The wires stretched on tangled mess all the way
 to the balcony where the  Karaoke set was.

When I told that staff that is not safe for those convoluted
wires lying around the floor, he decided to hide it
at the rear end of the room and under the beds.

Then,  it was time for them to for
 their own karaoke bonding.


Shortly after, the singing began, which annoyingly
intermingled  with the  dreadful out of tune voices
blaring from other cabanas coming from all directions,


...we decided to leave before the kids could see
their young relatives getting drunk just like
anyone else in this seedy and sordid resort.

I cannot imagine how can one relax, read a book,
rest or even sleep in such an appalling place?

Pechelito’s  ambiance just is as convoluted as
the multiple electric wire extensions on the floor
and just as chaotic as the horrible voices from hapless,
drunk karaoke enthusiasts populating the resort.


  1. Sounds like good old Pinoy fun for me. Common monC, it's in Magarao- not Shangri- La, have fun, don't act like a grumpy old man. (lol)

    1. I really sounded like a grumpy old man, didn't I, Rick?.

      Anyway, the criticism was positive, and I stand to my point the having dangerous multiple octopus connections is a big no, much more in a hotel room.

      The pail and dipper on the bathroom is common among Pinoy bathrooms, but that was the first time I saw one in a hotel room. I fancied that.

      For the drunk karaoke enthusiasts, wouldn't it be better to just put them in one Karaoke area say, a clubhouse or a restaurant where they can scream their hearts out without disturbing those who wanted to have peace and quiet in the room?

  2. There is a Gun Firing Range in that resort. I hope no one was singing My Way. :)

    1. I didn't know they had a firing range.

      I cannot imagine the noise if it were open.

  3. Ha, ha, ha.

    Pinoys don't look for peace and quiet to read when they relax- they sing karaoke.

    This resort is perfect for true blue Pinoy fun.

  4. Your observations and comments were hilarious. It highlights the dichotomy between the common Pinoy leisure seeker and the more urbane and sophisticated traveler expecting a certain level of service and comfort. Pechelitos and others of similar kin are suited (and designed) for the pinoy Everyman who uses water to clean his backside and finds toilet paper a frivolous waste (he would take that roll of toilet paper home, if there was one). It's just a very grassroots thing, sir, one to be appreciated for that down-to-earth candidness otherwise known as being "totoong pinoy."

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and I'm glad that you found it funny.

      I really came a little hard on this place and I'm beginning to realize what an a**h*** I was for acting like a grumpy old kill joy.

      I failed to realize that everyone had fun in this place,

      I'll try to be more appreciative next time. But I still stand about the dangerous octopus connection is a big no.

      The drunk karaoke enthusiasts and the ham and egg and clubhouse sandwiches being one and the same- I could stand those.

      Again, thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

    2. manggurano po ang entrance sa mga aki?

    3. I can't remember if they have an entrance fee.