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Home Christmas Feast, Christmas Recipe Sharing: Naga City Christmas 2013 Series 6

Home Christmas Feast
Christmas Recipe Sharing 
(Naga City Christmas 2013 Series 6)

  While most Filipinos were busy with their Noche Buena,
my family slept on Christmas Eve on December 24,
and woke up,  very, very late on Christmas  day.

Some may find it odd, but that’s how we
celebrate Christmases and New Years-
by sleeping in heavenly peace.

I woke the earliest to prepare our holiday meal.

We already listed our menu for Christmas day,
and these are dishes that could be left on the
table the whole day without getting spoiled
and anyone could dine  anytime, all the time.
These are: Chinese Ham,

… Seafood Noodle Soup,

…Herbed Seafood Noodle. 

…and Banana Cake for dessert
and all day snacks.

Chinese Ham

The very first thing I did was to take out the
pre- cooked, ready to eat Chinese Ham from
the freezer  to defrost on the counter top.

Once defrosted, take it out from the box,


…remove plastic covering ,

…wrap a tissue paper at the tip
of the bone for a more sanitary
 and less messy handling,

…and serve.  Yes our secret for an instant, yummy
 ready to eat Christmas Ham is CDO Chinese Ham

Prepare a lot of breads,

...and various tasty
 bread spreads to go with it.
Seafood Noodle Soup

Prepare the main ingredients:


…Fish Cakes,

…Cuttle Fish Balls,

… Squid Flowers,


…egg noodles,

Thaw the Seafood,


Once thawed, prepare other ingredients
like eggs, pechay and condiments.

Cook the eggs by boiling,


…add the seafood and condiments to taste.
This would also serve as the soup stock for this dish  

Place the noodles on a sieve cook on
the same pot and drain once cooked,

…cut the Pechay stalks and leaves,

…place them on a metal sieve, blanche
 on the same pot and drain once. 

Put a little of everything in a bowl,


…and just pour the soup  stock
on the bowl and serve hot.

Herbed Seafood Noodle.
Here’s the trick- this is cooked exactly the same way as the 
Seafood Noodle Soup but do not add the soup stock.
Just put everyting on a platter instead of a bowl.

Add Olive  oil, Japanese Soy Sauce,
salt and white pepper to taste.

Just mix them all up, then
sprinkle Oregano on top…

…and viola- you’ll have a stir fried- like
Seafood Noodle, sans stir frying.

Healthy Banana Cake

I decided to cook Banana Cake since the
bananas  on our fruit tray were overripe
 and no one wants to eat them anymore.

The ingredients were basic and simple.

Mix the bananas, milk cream, butter,
eggs and muscovado sugar in a bowl,


…blend well,

 …add flour and baking powder
and add a dash of citrus juice.

Place in  microwavable containers,
coat with butter or oil to prevent
the cake from sticking once cooked.

Microwave high for 5 to 7 minutes,

…and serve hot or cold
for an all day snacks.

All day Christmas feast is ready!


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