Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Molino Grill, SM City Naga

Molino Grill, SM City Naga

Molino Grill is one of our favorite
dining places in Naga City and it
is one place where you can find
affordable as tasty Filipino dishes.


I have already raved about Molino Grill
in Magsaysay Avenue in my previous blog,

…and we have dined in Molino Grill SM branch
in my pre- blogging days and enjoyed their
yummy Pinoy and Bicolano dishes in the past. 

The restaurant was full packed
at the time we dined,


...and we again ordered some of our
favorite fares in restaurant which
was served with a cauldron of rice.


Just as expected, their Sinigang na Baboy
had the perfect tinge of sourness that we have
always enjoyed and the pork was tender.

Farmer’s Cut Pork Liempo, is our all time
favorite Molino Grill fare and we never dine
in the restaurant without ordering this tasty dish,
but it came out to be too salty this time.


We never really enjoy any sisig dish but
the Lechon Sisig in the menu attracted us.
We have always enjoyed eating Lechon,
but turning it into a sisig was a big mistake.
I’d settle for lechon bathed in traditional liver sauce
rather that its mayonnaisey sisig version.

What saved the day for the Molino Grill
was the Fish Curry with Veggies (I forgot
the name of the dish) but we all so love
the food that we would make it a regular fare
when we dine on this wonderful restaurant again.

We’ll just have to remind them
to go easy with the salt next time.

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  1. Molino Grill was one of the few restaurant we liked when we first moved to Naga City a year ago. Molino's grilled hotdog is our favorite but our problem with Molino SM is their service which is pretty awful. I hope they'll improve their service.

  2. I agree.

    I also found the food in Magsaysay a lot better compared to SM, but the restaurant is old and needs a little renovation. The toilets in Magsaysay, also needs to. improve the maintenance.

    Thsnk you Kristal for reading my blog.