Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gerry's Grill: Hearty Pinoy Food Feast

Gerry’s Grill, SM City Naga
Hearty Pinoy Food Feast

We returned to Gerry’s Grill
on a Saturday night  for a dinner
with our employees on a weekend shift
in our SM City Naga facility.

The restaurant is one of the best sources
of grilled food in town, and we never
get tired of coming back to savor their
authentic Filipino dishes.

We had a bowl of Sinigang na Baboy,
and I believe the Gerry’s Grill version
of this popular Filipino sour soup is our
least favorite as it was just too sour for comfort ,
unpalatably acerbic and almost caustic.

Their delicious Bulanglang is worth raving for.
The veggies were fresh and crispy, and was cooked
with a sweetish bagoong and just with just
the perfect hint of saltiness and the anchovy- like
aftertaste that lingers at the back of you mouth.

We also ordered some of their grilled specialties like
the tasty and perfectly grilled Inihaw na Liempo ,

…they also serve this very delicious, very tender
 and almost fat free Chicken Kebabs which was
excellently grilled with bits and pieces  of red onions
and bell peppers that added flavor to the meat
with just to the right spice and piquancy.

We also had Inihaw na Pusit and one thing I like
with the Gerry’s Grill dish is that they grilled
the squid to a chewy but tender consistency.
Most of the grilled squids I’ve tried in other
restaurants were rather bland and rubbery.

While our employees loved the Pork Sisig,
we found the dish too greasy and too scary to eat.
Imagine eating tiny pieces of chopped fried pork fat
that you would feel the grease sticking in you palate.
The grimy and grubby texture of the bits and pieces
of pork fat feels mucky in your mouth. It’s gross.
It is nothing but gross to eat this disgusting fat laden dish.

We ordered Sizzling Mushroom Chicken.
This was the first time we tried this dish and
it was a case of love at first taste for everyone.
This boneless fried chicken, was flattened
and fried to crispy perfection bathed in delicious
mushroom sauce and served sizzling  on a hot plate.

And for my son who is a die hard fish fan,
we ordered Sizzling Bangus a’la Pobre which
he gobbled up with gusto- but still left half of the fish
untouched, good enough to be shared for everyone.

We actually ordered Adobo Pork Ribs but it was served
after we already finished our meal that we decided
to take it home and had it for lunch the next day.

It was one original fusion cuisine where the continental
Pork Ribs was marinated with the Pinoy Adobo
and oven cooked baked instead of being grilled
or sautéed the way the two original dishes are done.


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