Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kris Lawrence's Mini Concert @ Cyberzone SM City Naga

Kris Lawrence's Mini Concert
 @ Cyberzone SM City Naga

Right after work, while my secretary 
was wrapping up  after a day’s work
before she could endorse everything
to the next shift and leave home,

Then, there was a commotion at the mall corridor
as people started to congregate near the
 Cyberzone entrance just in front of our office.

I was at our mezzanine and had the direct
view of the Cysberzone entrance,

…when I saw a young guy started signing
“I Wanna Be A Millionaire” and other
hip Bruno Mars’ songs.

It turned out that it was the very popular
GMA artist Kris Lawrence, a talented R& B
singer which we regularly see every Sunday
on the top rating Sunday All Star Show.


In my observation, he is friendly, humble and
approachable guy- the kind of stuff the stars
destined for  greatness are made of.

He serenaded the crowd with
excellent repertoire of popular hits,

…talked and interacted with
his  audience intimately,


…and even gamely posed
for pictures with his fans.

While I sat back and relaxed on
my very own private balcony as if 
I was being  treated to a private,

…but  superbly entertaining mini concert.

Indeed, it’s  Penafrancia season-
Let’s Fiesta.

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