Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yellow Cab's Twisted Bread; Pretzels, Glorious Pretzels

Yellow Cab’s Twisted Bread
Pretzels, Glorious Pretzels

We so love pretzels that we crave for them
a lot in the pretzel- less city of Naga.
 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is our favorite
and no one had ever thought of bringing this
wonderful pastry here at Maogmang Lugar.


So we had to literally yearn for pretzels
and we feast on them whenever we go
out of the country where pretzels abound,

…are found everywhere,

…and anywhere.

Just as we were losing hope of having
the precious bread closer to home- 
lo and behold- (God bless you) Yellow Cab
our favorite pizza restaurant in Naga City
brought this prized pastry right into our beloved city
and they call it Twisted Bread- as pretzels are actually
literally and figuratively an elongated bread  looped,
coiled, and entwined before being baked .

Photo: Go for a My Size Twisted Bread this Recess Time! Served until 4pm only.

And as expected- they are selling like hotcakes…
(err would rather  say selling like- pretzels?) as they are
always out of stock due to the very high demand
from the pretzel hungry Naguenos like us.

Photo: Rushing things at school and work? Take a break and re-energize with My Size Twisted Bread. Have a great recess!

Two weeks ago, while we were dining at Shakey’s,
I crossed the street to buy the most sought after bread
from its principal competitor- the Yellow Cab.

They only have two pieces of pretzels left,
 and they are Four Cheese flavored variety.

Lucky, lucky me- I love cheese and it was the
pretzel flavor that I came for in the first place.
These Four Cheese flavored pretzels tasted so good.
 Imagine four types of cheeses blending perfectly
at the crust of this blissful and delightfully soft pretzel.
It was so delicious and it would make you think
if is this divinely tasty bread is a manna from heaven.

The two pieces of this sacrosanct bread had to be shared
by the whole family  and we would have returned to
the Yellow Cab for more had we were not been told
that they already served the last two pieces to us.

Last weekend, while dining at Okuya, we ordered this
most sought after pretzel and again to our disappointment-
we were told that there were also two pieces of pretzels left.


I asked what flavor- Tomato Basil flavor, I was told.
Just as the four cheese pretzel- it was love at first bite
on this tasty twisted bread as it had the perfect blend
of tomato sourness and the stingy aftertaste of basil.


While writing this blog in a Tuesday morning-
I called Yellow Cab if they have available
Twisted Bread for delivery and was told that they
have none and the bread would be available on Thursday.

My, O my - who could one ever survive the next
48 hours craving for this life giving venerated bread?

Why not have their new creamy and delicious
Salted Dulce de Leche ice cream for a while?

 Well, why not indeed?

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