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Palm Breezes: Feasting on Good Food, Affordable Food (Walt Disney World Orlando Series 9)

Palm Breezes 
Feasting on Good Food, Affordable Food
(Walt Disney World Orlando Series 9) 

Palm Breezes is a charming in house restaurant,
of Holiday Inn Buena Vista at Disney Springs,


…located at the hotel’s dizzying
twelve floor- cavernous atrium.

It is  decorated with the natural shades of black, gray and white, but was 
made cheerful by the sparkling hue of bright red  giving lively ambiance.



The numerous white and gray kites suspended high up in the atrium, made to 
appear like they were flying on air gives the restaurant a breezy outdoor feel.


Being a Disney affiliated hotel,
they show Disney movies nightly.


Palm Breezes specializes in traditional
American dishes with contemporary flare.

The restaurant also has a lively lounge
called The Palm Breezes Lounge,

…a perfect place to sip a cocktail
or sample delicious appetizers. 


Everybody was starving when we arrived in Orlando
after a very tiring long haul trip from the Philippines,

…and the first thing we did after checking-
in was to have our dinner at Palm Breezes.


We were thankful as they immediately served the
bread that relieved our lingering hunger pangs.


My son enjoyed a delicious, piping hot bowl of Andouville Jambalaya Soup  
that had rich southern flavors of slowly simmered seared Andouville Sausage, 
mixed with various vegetables, spices and finished with steamed white rice.

I requested them to serve my 1805 Burger, the restaurant’s signature burger 
in two halves as it was huge it could shared. It was so good. The bun was fresh 
and firm, the patties were grilled to medium rare perfection and was topped
 with melted smoked blue cheese, fried onion rings and crispy bacon strips.


My wife’s Citrus Grilled Salmon was prepared in a straightforward 

manner  by just finishing the fish fillet with fresh lemon juice, yet it
 brought out the salmon's natural flavor and it was simply delicious.


While my daughter had tasty and tender char
grilled Lamb Chops topped with gremolata.


Rice was an option as one of the side dishes,
definitely a plus factor for rice loving Filipinos. 


Our hotel booking did not include breakfast but we ended up having
 breakfast  every morning by room service as we found their pancakes 
fluffy and delicious, the bacon perfectly fried and the eggs fresh and tasty.

We have also enjoyed Palm Breezes’ other room
service offerings every time we arrive late at night
and starving from a day long them park excursions

Everyone of us loved the Monterey Grilled Chicken made of very tender 
grilled chicken breasts topped with barbecue sauce, diced tomatoes, crispy 
bacon and tangy Monterey Jack cheese. Being Filipinos, we were thankful
as it was served with steamed rice and sauteed seasonal vegetables.


We ordered Churrasco Chimichurri in one of our room service dinners.
 While I was aware of churrasco being a Portuguese grilled meat, I was 
curious what chimichurri was. What was served was a deliciously 
seasoned perfectly grilled skirt steak topped with green sauce made of 
finely-chopped parsley, garlic, herbs in vegetable oil, with hint of vinegar.


My son also loved their creamy milk and orders one at
bedtime for his nightly milk- cookie dunking snacks,

...and we also never fail to order their hot comforting
soup of the day offering whenever we order a room service

Whenever we arrive early, we never fail to have a leisurely dinner
at the restaurant and enjoy some of the best tasting dishes in the city.

We discovered that their Buffalo Wings was delicious, and one of the
 best  versions we tasted of this extremely popular appetizer so far. They 
served six pieces of marinated chicken wings served with delightfully tangy  
 blue  cheese dressing, crisp celery and carrots, and guava BBQ sauce.

I could eat the tasty Shrimp Provencale forever. It was sautéed with butter,
 garlic, tomato, parsley, crushed red pepper and flavored with lemon.and was 
served with rice. Interestingly, this French dish went deliciously well with this 
iconic  Asian staple food and would that would make you ask for more rice.


We finally had a chance to try the Classic Burger. It tasted so naturally 
delicious  as the 8 os medium rare grilled Angus beef patty was only seasoned 
with plain and most basic ingredients of sea salt and  cracked black peppers 
that brought out the innate flavor of the genuine mouthwatering Angus beef.

The Mushroom Steak made from tender
and juicy grilled flat iron steak  topped with
sautéed wild mushrooms. It was divine,

On our last day at the hotel, we had
another long  and leisurely dinner,


The waitress recommended the
Chef Special, so we ordered one.

It was a delicious Seared Salmon dish served with tangy lemon
 butter sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and mixed fresh vegetables.

The warm Open Face Bagel Melt was heavenly. The freshly baked bagels was
 topped with broil melted provolone cheese, herb hummus, lettuce and tomato.
I would recommend this on as a must try and must eat dish in this restaurant.

My daughter ordered the Wild Mushroom Pasta.
The spiral fussily pasta was tossed in parmesan cheese
and shrimp with the wild mushroom sautéed in garlic,
butter and cream s served separately. It was delicious.

It was love at first bite for the Classic Burger when we ordered one fewl days ago. 
We again ordered  this delicious burger seasoned with nothing but  sea  salt and 
black peppers as a fitting conclusion to our final dinner at Palm Breezes restaurant.

We stayed at Holiday Inn Lake Buenavista, not only because it is
 the most  affordable among the Disney affiliated hotel along the Hotel 
Plaza Boulevard  but also because  of its proximity to Disney Springs,


…and this would give us practically endless dining options
not only from Disney Springs Area restaurants but to other
popular restaurants in Orlando that are near Disney as well. 


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