Saturday, July 9, 2016

Creamy Macaroni, Milky Nougat: Johnny’s Café, NICC Hospital

Creamy Macaroni, Milky Nougat 
Johnny’s Café, NICC Hospital

I love macaroni salad and three of the best sources  in Naga City 
are Bigg’s Diner, which is usually served with their crispy chicken,

Metro Café at SuperMetro Naga,

…and Country Grandma’s Home Cooking by Clemen’s.

I recently discovered one of the most delicious and creamiest 
Macaroni Salad in an unlikely place- a hospital cafeteria. 

Johnny’s Café at NICC Doctor’s Hospital probably has
one of the tastiest and creamiest Macaroni Salad in town,


...which I discovered when I saw the salad still tightly sealed
in plastic Tupperware container and they did not want to sell
it as they have yet to add the main ingredient; the chicken.


I said it was alright. I’m a macaroni salad addict and it
didn’t matter if it had a chicken or not, I wouldn’t feel at
ease the whole day without tasting one after seeing one.

 So she served me one. It was a perfectly cooked al dente 
macaroni with the delightfully seamless blending of the
fruity sweetness of pineapple without being overwhelmed  
by the precise degree of the tangy flavor of mayonnaise.


Considering that they have not put the chicken yet,
it was so damn good, that I ordered another serving.
I returned in the afternoon after my hospital rounds
and bought some more to bring home to my family.


 But that’s not all- I have also discovered the milkiest
nougat candy in the whole world at Johnny’s Café. 


The candy is generically called Handmade Nougat, 


…that had just the right amount of sweetness, and
generously interspersed with bits and pieces of almond


…adding texture and delightful nutty flavour 
to this gloriously milky, chewy nougat.


This must be how nougat in heaven tastes like.


  1. I will try to visit Johnny's cafe in NICC, Really love Macaroni salad. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Joseph. I hope you enjoy the macaroni and the nougat as well

  2. hi. it's been awhile since i had biggs mac salad. i was wondering if u can please reply the main ingredients of it? i know there's mayonnaise, hard boiled egg and raisins. ano pa ba ang ibang sangkap? does it have maraschino cherries and pineapple chunks? help! big thanx.

  3. Hi. The nougat looks yummy. Is Johnny's cafe selling those handmade nougat? Thanks!