Saturday, September 19, 2015

Metro Café at SuperMetro Naga: Naga City’s Best Kept Culinary secret

Metro Café at SuperMetro Naga 
Naga City’s Best Kept Culinary Secret 

Tucked inside the humongous SuperMetro in 
Panganiban Drive, Naga’s main thoroughfare, 

Metro Café may only be accessible to those who are
shopping at this beautiful and modern hypermarket,

…it may be Naga City’s best kept culinary secret.

The hypermarket opens very early in the morning
so they offer really delicious all day breakfasts,

…but beyond their breakfast fares they also have some of
the best tasting local and international dishes in their menu.

We started our meal with a tasty and creamy 
Pumpkin Soup, generously topped with crunchy
croutons that had a delightful herb- like aftertaste.

My son settled for a box of oatmeal cookies
from the cookie bar at the nearby supermarket,
which he partnered with  Homemade Iced Tea. 

My wife had a classic Chicken Pork Adobo which 
was miraculously almost fat free as it was made of lean
 pork and chunks of chicken breast. But, it was salty just like 
most   adobos, and luckily it was served with a generous 
mound of rice. Eating adobo with a lot of rice makes it
 edible  as it neutralizes the almost unpalatable briny sauce.

The Hickory Pork Ribs that I ordered was divinely delicious.
It was a big slab of tender pork ribs and had a melt in your mouth
consistency. I was warned that the sauce was spicy, but it was not.
It tasted so good and the smoky- hickory aftertaste pleasantly lingers
at the back in your mouth for so, long making you crave for more.

The creamy Macaroni Salad was on a buy one take one deal.

We were amused as we came here to shop for 
ingredients for a homemade macaroni salad, 

...and what we got is a real bargain of our favorite
macaroni salad and with this awesome deal, there’s
no reason to cook our own salad at home anymore.

They also serve super delicious
and refreshing Pineapple Shake. 

We ordered Clubhouse Sandwich to go for my
daughter who was left home as she was studying.

The sandwiches at Metro Café are some of the best in the city
as they even have a delicatessen  that displays various imported
cold cuts and one may order custom made specialty sandwiches.

Indeed, this little café may be the city’s best kept secret
but I believe  it would not take long that people would
take notice and be trooping to the SuperMetro not just
to shop but enjoy the delectable dishes  in Metro Café.

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