Saturday, July 16, 2016

KFC’s Double Down G: A Non- Variant Double Down Variant

KFC’s Double Down G 
A Non- Variant Double Down Variant

I love KFC Chicken and I was an instant fan when
they introduced the Double Down few years ago.

It is a breadless pseudo- sandwich made of two
pieces of original recipe chicken fillets with bacon,
melted cheese and Colonel’s secret sauce in between.

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Then Double Down Dog variant, a sausage sandwiched
between two pieces of original recipe chicken fillets,
which I reviewed in my past blog about a year ago.

This year, another new variation was introduced.
The Double Down G which contains "crispy fried spinach"

I don’t know what the spinach is for,
maybe to add fiber to the greasy chicken


… a futile attempt to make it healthier,


…but it didn’t help; health- wise and taste- wise.

I love KFC original recipe the way it is.
Salty, greasy but very, very tasty.

It does not go well with anything else- not with
rice or bacon and even with the hotdog variant.  

KFC Fried Chicken is not a health food 
and not intended to be one and would never 
become one even if they add spinach on it. 

It is best eaten with a chicken in one hand,

…a roll on the other hand,   then savor the finger licking 
goodness  afterwards.  ( I do not understand why they 
do not sell their dinner rolls anymore so one had to bring
their own bread when dining in any KFC resto in the PI)

The Double Down G apparently comes with
a "secret green sauce" but who cares about it?


I’m not interested to know the secret as I would never
 try this non- variant double down variant anymore.

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