Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nature's Streetscape: Jardin Real de Naga Roadside

Jardin Real de Naga Roadside  
Nature's Streetscape
While we are fortunate to live in a neighborhood

with residents  that spend time (and money) in 
maintaining well manicured  yards and gardens….

It warms our hearts to realize that real beauty
may be found beyond a landscaped garden...

They grow wildly on the vacant lots in our subdivision, sans

 the banal geometric patterns designed by a human hand...

Crafted by no one, and nurtured by mother nature-
they make us stop and take time to smell the flowers.

These are the moments that you will get to realize
that life is beautiful under nature’s caring hands.

Indeed- the real beauty is found in God’s creation-

...better than the ones made even by the best
landscape artists in the world.

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