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Krypton Grill’s Boodle Feast: Massive Spread of Pinoy Dishes

Krypton Grill’s Boodle Feast  
Massive Spread of Pinoy Dishes

It took us a while to dine at Krypton Grill 
again as it was always full every weekend.



We tried their exotic dishes the first time we were
here, this time we wanted to try their regular fares.



It was difficult which food to choose due
to the voluminous entrées in the menu, so
we decided to try their boodle fight entrées.


It saved us time making up our mind which to eat,
and we chose Boodle E that costs 1,698 pesos. 


Boodle fight is a barbaric Philippine military style eating
where the tables are covered with banana leaves and the
food is spread on top. The diner had to eat by hands and
had to fight for his share in a wild and raucous buffet mêlée.


It is a symbol of brotherhood and equality among Filipino
military by sharing the same food without regard to rank.


Unlike the traditional Kamayan, where Filipinos in the past eat by
bare hands, Boodle Fight does not represent authentic Philippine
culture. I am not sure if it should have a place in a restaurant where
costumers deserve to be served in the most civil and sanitary way. 


Our table was ready when we arrived, already covered with
banana leaves and just waiting to be topped by the boodle food.


Just like the first time we dined here, they served a complimentary 
platter of roasted peanuts while we were waiting for our food.


Since we are only a family of four, we requested to serve
our food in plates as we didn’t want a brawl while we eat. 
I am glad that Krypton Grill gives their diners an option
to enjoy what is served in the  boodle menu the way food
must be properly eaten in a restaurant- good table manners.


 We were happy that Boodle E had Fried Pangasius on it.
This is a must eat and a must order dish in Krypton Grill.
The gigantic fish wasn’t as juicy and tender as compared
to the very first time we ordered it, as this one was a little
bit over- cooked and over- fried but was still very delicious.


Also on the boodle meal deal  was the Crispy Pata.
Krypton Grill’s version of this all time Filipino favorite 
dish could make the popular and iconic Bob Marlin’s 
OMG crispy pata a run for its money as It was just as 
delicious. The skin was perfectly crunchy and the flesh
 was juicy and tender and didn’t have so much fat on it.


The slab of Grilled Liempo also tasted very good.
It was juicy, tender and the barbecue sauce used as
a marinade had an ideal degree of sweetness
that caramelized at the surface after perfect grilling.


Krypton Grill’s Laing could might as well be the benchmark
for this extremely popular Bicol dish. Unlike most local versions
that use sun dried taro leaves, green ones were in this restaurant.
It made the laing creamier as the coconut milk have permeated the
porous leaves better. It also tasted better as it is less stringy to bite.


Just like the laing, their Bicol Express could also serve as
a benchmark dish for this equally popular Bicolano fare.
The tender pork was cooked in creamy coconut milk with
shrimp paste and chilies. It was fiercely spicy and was so
deliciously hot and it kept me digging and craving for more


The hale and healthy Steamed Okra, 


…and the Steamed Eggplant neutralized the
otherwise dangerously unhealthy and greasy meal.


We noticed that the tomato side dish didn’t taste fresh, as it
 seem to have been pre- sliced long before they were served.


We ordered Wild Pig Tapa, which was not included in
the boodle meal deal but dining in Krypton Grill is never
complete without trying at least one of their exotic dishes.
It is what the restaurant is known for. It was very delicious
and a must try dish for anyone dining in this restaurant.


It also came with a humongous platter of Rice,


…and four servings of Blue Lemonade.


It was a surprisingly affordable massive feast
of delicious Pinoy dishes at Kyrpton Grill-
definitely one the best restaurants in Naga City. 

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