Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Haciendas de Naga: City Wide Brownout Awesome Refuge

Haciendas de Naga 
City Wide Brownout Awesome Refuge

 While most of people in Naga trooped to the malls
during the 8- hour city wide summer brownout, we
decided to spend the day in Haciendas de Naga.


Our generator had conked out and with nothing
to do the whole day, we closed shop and together
with our employees we trooped to uptown Naga.


Haciendas de Naga is a perfect refuge from the
sweltering heat in the city during brownouts, as
the place is breezy and the air is clean and fresh.


Located in uptown Carolina at the foot of Mt. Isarog,
it is a farm themed residential and leisure development,
the only one of its  kind in CamSur and the Bicol Region.

In the midst of residential lots for sale
is a theme park- like development,

…a golf course,

…and a clubhouse with the
only wave pool in the region.



From farming, to fishing, from horseback riding, 
to ATV driving, from ziplining to rapelling,
from target shooting, to hitting a hole in one-

Source: Haciendas de Naga Web Page

....guests would never run out of things to do,

Source: Haciendas de Naga Web Page

...and may also opt not to do anything
but laze of the breezy native cabanas,

…or relax in an air conditioned comfort
in their Filipiniana themed hotel rooms.

The clubhouse also boasts Café Rasta, 

…a Bob Marlin outlet, a popular downtown restaurant
and serves the delicious and iconic OMG Crispy Pata. 

So why go to a mall for a boxed up leisure
during brownouts when one can enjoy the
expansive nature in Haciendas de Naga? 


Brownout? Pack up, close shop,
head uptown for awesome fun.

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