Saturday, December 5, 2015

Milk Cookie Dunking by Cake My Day

Milk Cookie Dunking 
by Cake My Day

My wife’ decided to celebrate her birthday
with our young son’s classmates in school.

My son’s favorite snack is a milk- dunked cookie,
and  we decided to have a cookie- milk dunking
party, so the kids could have a light snack before
going  home after being dismissed from school.


We brought chocolate candies in star shaped
gift boxes which we hung at the Chriatmas Tree 

We commissioned Cake My Day
for a snack bar in my son’s classroom,

…came out with a mix of delightful items like
the delicious Choco Chip Cookies, generously
sprinkled with really lots of choco- chips on it,

… and yummy Butter Cookies embedded
with bits a pieces of chunky chocolate chips.

There was also the divine multi layered Chocolate Mousse
topped with fluffy cream and sprinkled with choco- chips.

The Chocolate Cake cut into small bite size
squares was sinfully moist and very delicious.
It was topped with creamy mocha flavored icing
and decorated with bright red  preserved cherries.

The Chocolate Brownies was just as
sinfully delicious.It had a perfectly chewy
texture like a yummy edible chewing gum.

Cake my day also provided Fresh Milk
in classic milk bottles with colorful straws.

We also ordered several boxes of pizza from Shakey’s
for those who didn’t want to eat too much sweet treats.

The popular Dizon’s Dirty Ice Cream
also delivered two ice cream flavors for
us,- Tsokolate and Cookies & Cream.

My son Timothy who is in a mixed regular and
home school program has been with this class that
had the same students since they were in pre school.

All the kids in this class have been very nice
to my son, who was their part- time classmate.

My wife had grown very close to these kids, so we  make 
it a point to always treat them on special occasions to  thank 
them for their unified unconditional friendship with my son..

They sang,

...they danced,

…they partied,

…and enjoyed the saccharine treats very much.

The milk bottles were not made for dunking cookies
so the kids had to use wide mouthed disposable cups.

In the end, they all got the star shaped
giveaway as  a gift from Tim.

There was just too much dirty ice cream
that we decided to take it to the corridor
for every student in the school to enjoy.


We have always depended Cake My Day
for occasions like this in my son’s school
and have provided awesome cakes that made
the kids happy for the past four years.


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